Addicted to Too Human: Gaming Crack & Rabbit Holes (XboxOZ360)

The author takes a detailed look at the depth of Too Human's RPG and loot systems, comparing them favourably to PC staples such as Diablo & World of Warcraft along with more recent console titles such as Mass Effect and Oblivion.

But he also has some things to say about those who've been less than friendly towards the title:

"It's an incredibly sad day in this industry when people who call themselves gamers decide to attack a game simply for being different and outside the box of mainstream conventions. I may have been a cynic of this title in the past but I've never advocated nor endorsed the disgraceful behaviour of many anonymous gamers who have openly wished for this or any other game's failure.

Any gamer who genuinely wishes developers to continue to innovate, push the medium and invent new IP should be wishing this game all the best, whether they personally like Too Human or not. Otherwise we may well find a day with an uninspired industry producing one homogeneous product simply because some people's misguided wishes came true."

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Chandresh Patel3749d ago

No,that's not why people attacked the game:They attacked it(At least,those who own Xboxs),they attacked it because it truly is a love it or hate it experience.They hated it.Nothing wrong with someone not liking a game,people have different tastes and opinions.

My experience with Too Human:Not good.I won't go on forums screaming Too Human 'sucks',seeing as how the game doesn't 'suck'.It's just not a very high quality game imo.

Superfragilistic3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I know what you're getting at.

But I think he's talking more about haters with no specific cause... Particularly when he says "gamers who have openly wished for this or any other game's failure"

And I agree with his sentiments, but call me crazy but I swear he paraphrased a discussion I was havin with some others in another Too Human article a couple of days back! Sneaky bugger. lol

Chandresh Patel3749d ago

It's only their blind fanboyism that's doing all the talking,they need to actually play the games before labeling them 'failures'.

And even labeling the games as 'failures',is just a personal opinion.One mans 'gold' is another mans trash...

Superfragilistic3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Bubbles for that last post Patel. I couldn't agree more. :)

EDIT: @facepalm. Yeah I think the Molyneux-effect is pretty apt, although for me Too Human has only been on my serious interest radar since all the GAF stuff, so my perception of hype may be much lowers than others who've been waiting for years. :)

facepalm3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Hmmm.... That quote that posted reminded me of another game that was released this year that was "different and outside of the box" in terms of gameplay...

::cough Alone in the Dark cough::

But just like Chandresh Patel said it's either you "Hate" the controls or you "Love" it. I personally didn't enjoy my time with the "Too Human" demo, but I'm pretty sure that there are people out there who love it as much as I hate it.

But the main reason for me criticizing this game goes beyond just the controls. For the hype that this game is getting in these past years, and past history of the "Too Human" franchise, I expected a game that would be more polished and epic... (And then there's the voice acting, which is "meh" in my opinion.)

The game is not "bad", but it's suffering from the "Molyneux-effect". Hyped but did not live up to it.

^-^ I guess the hype machine made me become more jaded.

@Superfragilistic: Totally agree... Some people have kept an eye on this project since the good ole' PS1 days... ::looks in the mirror:: And to see where it's at right now it's pretty disappointing. But it's good to know that people still love the game despite it's flaws and are not effected by the "Molyneux-effect" as much as the people who do remember the showing at E3 1999...

Most "true" gamers don't want any game to fail, but we do want to voice our opinions and point out flaws, so that the developers can fix them in their next game.

StephanieBBB3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

People either hate it or love it (as you said). But those who love it are kinda making an crusade against those who dosn't like it saying "we'll you haven't played it enough" or "you can't rate it like any other game". Guess what, I've played the demo, but as I've seen here saying what you think about Too human on this site will get you banned so ill keep my opinion to myself.

xm15e2s3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

We can't forget that there are a lot of very bitter PS3 owners who take comfort in seeing Xbox 360 exclusives fail. It is my belief that these people jumped on the "Too Human sucks" bandwagon that was first launched by (equally) bitter journalists.

It is a nasty combination (bitter fanboys and journalists with an agenda) but in the end I think Too Human's Mighty Hammer of Awesomeness will crush them all. lol

GarandShooter3748d ago

'I’ve never advocated nor endorsed the disgraceful behaviour of many anonymous gamers who have openly wished for this or any other game’s failure.'

Now if we can see the logic in this sentiment why can't we apply the same logic to the consoles themselves?

'We can't forget that there are a lot of very bitter PS3 owners who take comfort in seeing Xbox 360 exclusives fail.'

Kind of reminds you of the attitude 360 owners held towards Haze, doesn't it?

sumfood4u3748d ago

RPG consist of indebt storys, mutli quest, an magic spells! this reminds me more of Star Wars over Everquest! Most RPG stand out with dynamic story an gameplay, not just graphics, examples are try playing PSone Suikoden 2, Breath of Fire 3, an GC/N64 Zelda OOT, an experience a world of Uber RPG!

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rhood0223749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I think the reason I hated the Too Human demo is because of what it tries to combine.

First, I haaaate World of Warcraft and dungeon-crawling grinders in general. But for a game like that, collecting better gear and spending those XP is a necessity to continue the story and pushing deeper into the world.

With Too Human, I just don't see the significance of this loot grabbing and grinding because it bears no significance in the outcome or playability of the game. Unless adding a status changing piece of gear or power effects the story in anyway your basically collecting for the sake of collecting.

Even Dennis states that the game is only longer if you try to collect all the different loot. That just seems like busy work to me.

Superfragilistic3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Yeah but in this article/preview he talks about the loot affecting what he calls the "physicality" of gameplay, as in different loot means your control over the character is different. I remember IGN writing something along those lines to.

But it would make a lot more sense if there was PvP. Maybe that's what'll be in DLC or a sequel?

EDIT: They do scale. Both in class, level, variety and power. Apparently that was why 4 player co-op was too hectic for higher difficulties where almost every enemy was a level 50! lol

rhood0223749d ago

Yeah, and I get what he's saying. But for me, I could care less about playing the game x number of times to find a piece of armor that boosts my speed or strength when the enemies probably wouldn't scale to these changes, like they would in WOW.

I can't say for sure on this, however, but it doesn't seem like it would be possible to scale enemies given the significant amount of loot the devs are boasting. I would assume patches but you never know.

I also wouldn't a sword or gun that shoots fire or poisons or whatever for the same reason.

Superfragilistic3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Or maybe it's just someone impersonating Dyack? lol

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Silogon3749d ago

Man they're trying everything in the book to sell this game and it's just not working. Waht next, giving it away in yardsales and then counting those as retail? Please, Too Human sucks monkey F*CK and that is all there is to it.

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