Software needs to catch up with Quad-cores

AMD believes that Quad-core potential still has to be utilized by software guys. There are still not enough applications that can get the real use of Quad core.

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BludoTheSmelly3744d ago

And we're already trying to do octacores and beyond. They need to slow down on the processor evolution a little :).

bob12345673744d ago

Ma quad core's core 2 and 3 stay idle all the time. And core 1 is sometimes idle mainly becuase it only takes some of the load off of core 0. Other then that my quad core has yet to see and multi core enhanced program. Its quite depressing but still quad = power and strikes fear into the eyes of dual cores. Just not yet..

And seriously theres barely any programs out there duals and yet there making 8 cores next year. Hardware will always raise the bar but its the software that needs to be better built to reach it.

thereapersson3744d ago

Instead of accelerating the processor market like they are, they should concentrate on getting companies to support the already existing processors themselves. It was easier back in the days of single-core CPU's due to the fact that all that changed was the speed. Now with the advent of multiple cores, software engineers have to write (or patch existing) software that can take advantage of this new power. The problem is that many companies don't want to devote the time to optimizing code for multiple core operation cycles, especially smaller developers.

Heck, we are just now seeing dual core processor technology being taken advantage of. It'll be a while before Quad Cores are fully utilized to their potential.

wAtdaFck3744d ago

I think that applications will get used to quadcore once the quadcore CPU becomes more mainstream, like how dualcore is right now.

bob12345673744d ago

most things in the computer industry dont hit mainstream for a long time. But now in the stores i see alot of quadcores being sold with dell, sony , gateway . hp but still 64 bit technology has been out for a while too. And theres a ton of 64 bit computers out there. But i have yet to see alot of programs really being built for 64bit maybe becuase it requires a completely new OS. As of right now 64bit computers have no big advantage in processing. I really wanna see what those extra 32 bits can do interms of performance.

Ju3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

That 64bit is another thing. What they forgot to mention is that the 64 bit native code (and OS) not just changed for 64bit apps, but the calling conventions and the ISA has changed in some aspects dramatically (e.g. calling via reg args instead on the stack). Yet, 64bit windows is not wide spread. Linux64 works fairly well, I must say. But, yeah, the apps need to be recompiled for 64 bit (no code needs to be changed!). So, just that alone is pretty underrated, IMO (should give up to 50% speed gain, in some cases - with the exact same code).

And then there is the whole multi core. That will need more work. I can't really see a big benefit in my Core Duo in my notebook. I can't even tell, if the second core gets used much. The machine is overall faster then my previous one, but it also locks up (under windows) as it did before with one core. ... I don't know if VS spawns multiple compilers (gcc does, and hopefully uses multiple cores - but VS is still faster on the same code, and that compiles sequentially).

JOLLY13744d ago

I have 2 computers running dual quad xeons/8 gig/64 bit Vista and Max 2009 design. I love it!

Infernus3744d ago

Quads need to be supported in games as standard. I know Supreme Commander fully supports quads and that's an awesome game! The best RTS out there imho, but more games need to get in on the action with Quads and show support for it.

This isn't a case of processor tech moving too quickly, but software not moving quickly enough. Games can do so much more on a Quad system with support.

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Dogswithguns3744d ago

what for anyway? the 2 duo cores on my laptop dont really do any's like only one-core using. the other core doing nothing.

vickers5003744d ago

Wait, so if I buy a quad core computer for gaming, will it not make use of the other cores? What I'm asking is, would it be better to buy a dual core computer for gaming or a quad core?

Infernus3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I went for a Quad because I wanted to play Supreme Commander (A game that requires a Quad really for the complete experience both offline and online).

Quads are so much more futureproof than Duals. My friend has a dualcore system and within a year games will be taking more advantage of quads so if you have the choice, at this point in time, get a quadcore system to protect yourself in the future.

Basically, if a game supports mutli-threading and Quad core systems it can use all 4 cores for different things in-game, taking the strain off your PC.

funkeystu3744d ago

For the vast majority of games on the market at the moment a Dual-Core processor will almost always beat an equivalently priced Quad-Core. Quad core's will probably be a bit more future-proof and have other benefits in running processor intensive applications (zipping files, encoding video/music etc). In February I went with a dual core and I don't by any means regret it - at the rate that they're implementing software support Ireckon by the time I *need* a quad core it will probably be time for a new box anyway. just my 2¢

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