Release vidéo of DKS3713 PlayStation Spot

Every PlayStation Spot in japan can give a report/trailer of Square Enix past Event DKS3713.

We can see FF VII : ACC, FFXIII, FFVersus XIII, FF Agito XIII, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep.

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TheHater3691d ago

wasn't there suppose to be real time final fantasy XIII and VS XIII game play? I didn't saw that in the video

3691d ago
Lord Shuhei Yoshida3691d ago

Hmmm...PSP is getting the most attention.Good.

smokeymicpot3691d ago

what ever we will get the demo soon enough. No need for the ff13 videos

Macho Man3691d ago

This video ain't workin for Macho Man, I think it's running scared for ths hills, yeah, just like all the other wimps on this internet space Dig it!

3691d ago
3691d ago
ash_divine3691d ago

there are so many other (potentially better) exclusive games down the pipe(deny if all you want, it'll still be true.) the world does revolve around Final Fantasy you know. PS: why does one game going multi mean an entirely different game, with an entirely different creator and dev team, is going mulit aswell? I hate fanboy logic.

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