New Game Releases for the Week of August 17, 2008 writes:

The highlights this week include Too Human for Xbox 360 and Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty on PS3.

Check out the full list of new video game releases (USA) for the week of August 17, 2008 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sony PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS, and PC!

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Rhezin3746d ago

I'd be saying this is a stellar release week, but so far for 360, meh. SEP 16 CAN'T COME S00N ENOUGH. The force WILL be unleashed.

Mao3746d ago

Time for judgment to be passed on Too Human. This could get ugly, both ways. If it flops, there are going to be some seriously angry Sony fans with built angst for Lair and Haze looking to take out some frustration on the XBOX crowd. If of course Too Human does well, look out Team-Sony! Early speculation of flop may have you eating your own words!

Gam713746d ago

They've been saying every 360 game will flop then shout the ps3 praises the rare times a multiplat sells better on ps3 for 1 week.
if they have to backtrack then they will like sony have shown them how to.

What I am disappointed in is the fact madden is selling in Europe.

Don't they know its yankee grid iron?

Mao3746d ago

EVERY Sony exclusive is a flop, remember? Or atleast according the XBOX gamers here who make it just as much their purpose in life as the hardcore Sony supporters make it theirs to rip on the 360. Both sides play the same cards, hence why either response, depending on performance will be justified.

Gam713746d ago

True but the xbox crowd is nowhere near as bad, go back and read the comments on this site.
You can find plenty of the sony stories with no hijacking from 360 fans but almost all 360 stories are attacked by ps3 fans. Comments like, the site in question is biased, paid off by ms, who approved this, etc.

Also don't forget you made it about the ps3 lots reaction to too human and not who does what, all i did is continue the discussion by telling you how i think the people you were talking about will react basing it on the history of this site.

Chandresh Patel3746d ago

The Embargo on the Too Human Reviews lifts AFTER the game has released.

So I kind of doubt the game will be receiving 10s across the board,when the first credible review is a 6.7/10.

power of Green 3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

People are going to buy this 360 title.

You don't see yourself as fanatical?, you have trolled every single thread relating to the 360, turning every thread into an anti MSFT thread taking jabs that spark rabid acts from others like you.

You're in every thread trying to post first, setting an anti MSFT tone for all members to deal with lol(like Nasim).

Gam713746d ago

Oh but the 360 lot does that as well green.


we don't. its a ps3 fan trait.

If anyone doesn't believe me then read most 360 threads on here and compare them to ps3 threads.

Also why do you ps3 lot have to pm all the time to prove a point that didn't need to be made in the first place?
A comment that will be proven false in a few weeks like all the other points insecure ps3 fans felt they needed to make.
from cahill
" Too Human has already flopped

The other big websites which are normally harsh will tear the game apart "

NextGen Exempt3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

"You're in every thread trying to post first, setting an anti MSFT tone for all members to deal with lol(like Nasim)."

Irony at its f*cking finest. You're always on top of Microsofts corporate d*ck riding it whenever ANYTHING remotely good happens, finding a way to spin it off into the most amazing thing for Microsoft. You also happen spew ignorant crap out of your sorry mouth whenever anything PS3 related comes out. You might want to look at yourself before you call anybody else biased against a console.

You exemplify hypocrisy and ignorance. Good day.

SolidSnake933745d ago

Remember Haze when it flopped the 360 fans trolled every single thread possible, it goes both ways and both sides do it just as bad.

Gam713745d ago

Never said 360 fans don't do it but not on the scale of the ps3 lot so phrases like "just as bad" really don't apply.

And with haze it stemmed from the fact that ps3 fans were saying how haze was going to destroy the 360. How we wanted haze on our console and was jealous (two very false facts) which is why when it flopped the sony fans got a lot of flak.
Basically if you keep your gob shut you wont open yourself to attack by your own methods.

You can't have a go at someone doing what you did first.

Rock Bottom3745d ago


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THE TERMINATOR3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

6.5 from gameinformer is Mega flop

Gam713746d ago

Does that put in haze territory?
Will still sell though cos it's on 360 and they buy games.

Played the demo and it's not bad.
Also gameinformer havent reviewed it yet.

Sony defence force already with a pre-emptive.

You guys are desperate.

rhood0223746d ago

@Gam informer has reviewed the game. It's in their current issue. It was a 6.75. There was even a story on it here at N4G but it kept being reported and failed approval.

Also, I have no doubt the game will sell well. But a high selling game does not equal a quality game. Both Turok, Timeshift, and other substandard games have sold really well on the 360. So take that for what it's worth.

Gam713746d ago

Never said it was the next shenmue, but i don't think its as bad as sony fans are making out.
I've played it and found it very enjoyable like what a few other 360 owners have also said.

So who am i to believe, my own personal experience and that of other people who have played it or the views of people who don't own the console, never played it, never will and who's only purpose is to troll 360 stories to spread lies and attack because they are threatened by it for some reason.

Think i'll stick to the people who have playe it.

Good sales does not mean good game correct.
Also bad reviews does not mean bad game.
And as the haters sorry sony fans on here can only quote one source (badly you say 6.75, terminator says 6.5, cahill says 6.65 which one is it) which i have checked and cannot find a review or score from them so please link it another reason not to listen to certain people on here.

Sony defence force... well you know the rest.

on a side note (well it backs up my theory that sony fans are insecure and threatened buy competition as well as having buyers remorse) I received yet ANOTHER pm from one of the sdf (sony defence force) desperate to try to show me why their opinion is better.

here it is
from cahill
" Too Human has already flopped

The other big websites which are normally harsh will tear the game apart "
please link the review as i am interested in it.
anyway, why do you sony fans always feel the need to argue and attack all the time? why do you need to pm your points when you could make them on the thread?
What is it that compels you to do it? Just read, post your comment (a sensible one if you have it in you) and move on.
Possibly play on your ps3, I know you have1 good game on it now though i doubt its as good as you all say, nothing can be that good and you know what it means when someone has to make something they have seem better than it is to boast like its your own personal achievement.

hint: I mentioned it above.

rhood0223745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

<a target='_blank' href=' src=' border='0'/></a>

Here is the photo of the magazine referenced in the original article.

Here is the link to the original article

Also, I have played the demo so I have my own opinion on the game and that opinion is that it's not for me. However, i do agree that ultimately its up to the person buying the game if they think its worth it.

Also, you must be new here because Sony fans have put up with the same crap since the system launched. From Lair to Haze, there were numerous articles posted that just kept hammering the fact that neither of these games scored well. Personally, I enjoyed them both for what they were, but it didn't stop the constant flaming. Even when MGS 4 was released, the only articles that seemed to go the distance were the ones that heavily criticized the game.

What you're seeing is nothing more than a pathetic form of pettiness on the part of Sony fanboys. But, to be fair, 360 fanboys make it too easy when they tout Too Human as a genre defining game only to have one of the more widely read and objective gaming mags comes out and gives it a score equal to Haze.

Gam713745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Thanks for the link.
it got 6.75 and 7 from them.
the pic doesn't work.

I think this is a case of ps3 fans finding one bad reveiew and treating it like its absolute fact (but remember how they cried when 1 person didn't give mgs4 a perfect 10, desperate) but i have seen reviews on tv (plyr gave a good score) and on the internet giving positive reviews which these people that tout that one scan as fact forget

I was checking the gameinformer website which hasn't reviewed it. 10/10 (overlooked) press average 7.7/10
a mag gave it 9.3

Just saying there have been reviews and they have been ignored so sony fails can get a dig in.

Also i'm not new to this site and do remember what it was like and it was more even then but the sony fails were no angels.
Quoting sony at every turn (still do despite evidence showing the contrary) 360 will fail before its started, hijacking every thread (still do) remember what happened when halo 3 came out? and my favourite "the ps3 doesn't need games and it will outsell the 360".

I laughed at that one.

I'm just saying there are more reviews and more opinions out there that make it redundant to use only one source as gospel. Especially by people who don't own the console and will never buy the game.
That i don't understand.
The mind of children i guess.

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NewSchoolGamer3746d ago

might be a flop based on the fact that it was in development for ALOT of time and it has huge hype built up for it.

Now for a game Too Human is an average fun...action game.

Vicophine3746d ago

So nothing good this week.

thenickel3746d ago

Nothing good for you but definitely something good for me. Too Human is finally here and I'm actually a little excited.

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