GameSpy: Champions Online: A Heroic Conversation with Jack Emmert

GameSpy writes: "Just sitting at a table with Jack Emmert can be exhausting. We had come to GenCon 2008 to get a look at Cryptic Studios' Champions Online, an MMO based on the long-running paper-and-pencil RPG. While we were there, we'd get a chance to sit down with Cryptic's Chief Creative Officer to discuss the game. What we weren't prepared for was just how seriously the man is committed to the project and how that intensity translates into a passion that had its own seat at our table. Champions Online is apparently not just about superheroes. "This is about defining a world and creating a universe," he said as we sat down to begin our discussion."

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solar3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

i loved the gaming community of CoH and i can see this being just a good, coming from the same Dev's a lot of CoH players jumping ship for this title. the character customization of CoH was such a great part of the game! i have won many a contests, and held many of contests in Atlus Park and it was a lot of fun. i can not wait to try new costumes out. by far better than other MMO's and everyone looking the same.

EDIT: you forgot to mention this is also coming to 360.