More Fallout 3 in-game Screens

Many Fallout 3 in-game Scans from Microsoft Taiwan

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360rxorz3749d ago

Note how they only show the 360 and PC cases. Ha, I guess the PS3 couldn't handle it and they scrapped it. It's now a 360 exclusive like Far Cry 2! How can you droids say you have more games when the 360 is taking them from you left and right? Haha, the PS3 will have 0 games soon when all multi plats become 360 exclusives and all the PS3 exclusives move over to the 360. I think the first one to do that will be Killzone 2. Those gameplay videos of Kilzone 2 are running on the 360, there is no way in hell the PS3 can pull of those kinds of graphics.


The graphics look CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

AIi_The_Brit3749d ago

your so funny

oh thats right, its confirmed! this dumbass just said it

far cry 2 and fallout 3 no longer coming to ps3! darn it

no..i dont think so..dont worry il be getting and enjoying both these games on my Playstation 3

Ironicly the PS3 has stolen 5x as many exlusives off the 360 than vise versa


yesah3749d ago

as said by a great pervert,

"They're from MS can't you f*cking read"

RAF-TECH3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

which ones?
i mean.. the big ones...

bioshock?..and...eternal sonata?


cuz the big exclusives that really count are.

VF5 online
Resident Evil
Star Ocean
Assassin's Creed.

I'm just waiting for Tekken to go 360...and..that's it...
the ps3 line-up is weak and has no shining icon...
unless your a hardcore gamer who really depends on a LBP character..which is pretty sad..

AIi_The_Brit3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )


all them games where "supposed" to be exlusives but never where where they? not one of them launched as a PS3 exlusive, all of them launched multi platform

but games like bioshock, lost planet ect. where all launched as a 360 exlusive, a TRUE exlusive steal is what sony did when they got bioshock improved version with extra shít

owned again biatch

oh and the PS3 has an amazing line up this year, and if snake isnt an icon i dont know what can qualify as one

and lemme guess your one of these happy fellows who says your "sad" "gay" "a kid" for liking littlebigplanet? oh well more for me to enjoy

RAF-TECH3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

they were called PS3 exclusives..
wasnt GTAIV called exclusive when it first debuted in trailer?.. how about assin's creed? about FF13??? about DMC4... yes..

it doesnt have to launch first... that's called "timed EXCLUSIVE"..

who's the biatch now?

wasnt all those games i mentioned considered ps3 exclusive when it was first announced?...umm YES..
little LBP fans like you hailed and praised FF13 as an exclusive and now that MS STOLE that... you spin and spin and spin as if it was never called an exclusive..

just like a biatch..

anyways... so when is bioshock comming out? how about Eternal Sonata??

ooooooo..... how about Ace Combat???

and when is that patch for VF5 online comming for the PS3?
how about beautifal katamari?
...hmmm... how about Star Ocean?? any word on that??

is square making any plans yet on that game for the PS3??.. hmmm...
kinda sucks when you have no answers..

And for the Record.. I'm buyng LBP asap when it comes out cuz my ps3 is only good for MGS4... but c'mon.. LBP... an icon for the PS3?? that is sad... I'm kinda embarrased that i'm gonna show whaat LBP is to my friends...maybe my girlfriends will like it...

sorry.. but when you said"true exclusive steal".. lol.. that made me laugh...

then I guess Ace Combat wins takes the crown.

and i hope you know... it's better to lose an exclusive after selling it than to just let it go multiplat on launch. pretty much all the thunder is other words...
It's better to play FF13 at the same time you will be playing it on the PS3...rather than playing Bioshock a year after.

AIi_The_Brit3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

RAF-TECH just so you know, im not one of the one who praised FF13 exlusivity

i cant stand FF or for that matter ANY JRPGS i just hate them

and by the by your obviously multi-platform which is good

You own both consoles but support the 360 more and think of it as the better system right? see i can respect that

becuase i own both consoles too, i just think more of the PS3 and regard it as the superior console, but thats called opinion

and NOOBZSUCKASS why are you following him around like a poodle looking for a treat saying "owned"

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The Cryptkeeper3749d ago

"y the global attention of the audience, "Radiation 3 (Fallout 3)" Xbox 360 and PC platforms "

and ps3....

Kratos34523749d ago

why aren't they showing the ps3 version as well?
damn fanboys.

Kruzitu3749d ago

lol, pwned by the perv.

solar3749d ago

lol that was pretty funny. PC version it is! plus cheaper than the console version. thrifty gamer i am!

TheXgamerLive3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I can easily see this as being an Xbox 360 and PC only game.

There's too large of a chance for constant bottlenecking on the ps3 version, if they wanted to display the open world as they have in the Xbox 360 version.

AIi_The_Brit3749d ago

why are people saying this? people need to get over it.. fallout 3 and far cry 2 are coming to ps3 at the same damn time as pc and 360

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