Insider Reveal: Girls with Sticks (Resistance 2)

The girls with sticks are back, and they're pissed!

An insider who goes by the name of Ryan is sending us some hot new pictures of girls with sticks!

Yes folks, and this is only a trickle of information. Our insider has plans to upload more images, details, and possibly even video. Our insider states that he/she is fine with doing a Q&A as long as his identity remains unknown. Go ahead and ask questions in the comments section which I will relay to he/she. Keep checking back here at as we are going to continue to receive insider info on Girls with Sticks. Stay tuned as we will have the Q&A Responses and a rundown of Resistance 2's features soon.


Sorry folks, the show is over. We were receiving a lot of complaints and such regarding our released info and images. We had a pretty nice thing going and we had even more fun stuff planned, but you can blame those that kept on trying to report us and such. So much for building hype for a game!

I hope you enjoyed it while you could have!

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JEDIaNIN3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I'm not buying.......LOL just kidding can't wait. The detail in the last pic has got me excited!! Controls look great.

Stallone19933772d ago

LOL. Keep checking back our insider is going to keep sendin us stuff. When we get it, the site will. So keep checking!

Fishy Fingers3772d ago

Shot's look like they're running on a 4:3 Standard def TV. Yuk...

I need to get in on this asap.

Firewire3772d ago

Its "Girl with a Stick" not Girls with Sticks.

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The story is too old to be commented.