Rock Band: Pay Sky-High $520! Official Australian Pricing!

From XboxOZ360:

"Well we know prices are dear here, we sort of expect it as a matter of course, but EA's official announcement of pricing for Harmonix's Rock Band is at $AU520 to fully equip yourself out with the full rig.

Now for a 'game' that is ludicrous to a major extent. It smacks of "we don't care about your market" and you'll pay it if you want it bad enough. Seriously, that's more than the cost of a top level SKU console. When we look at prices of the same item in the UK or the US, there's a huge difference in pricing."

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gaminoz3749d ago

Stuff EA....get the next Guitar Hero...

solidt123749d ago

F that, I wouldn't pay that much for any game.

yesah3749d ago

soon it'll cost less to buy a plane ticket fly to the states, and smuggle it back to Australia then the game itself.

including days you missed off work of course

sa_nick3748d ago

GH:WT will cost just as much (or more) plus it's a crappier game.

Also, Yesah, there's a dude from europe flying to the US to pick up RB2 and an Ion drum kit... pretty crazy.

XboxOZ3603749d ago

It's just ridiculous really, Rock Band 2 releases on teh 17th of October in the US and they only release the first one here (last on the world release list btw) on the 9th October, and at the cost of a Xbox 360 Elite . .Even if we gotthe game from the US, imported it gods and all, it would cost LESS to have in shipped here.

And we don't own a major publishing company with a shipping deal . . With the US greenback being almost the same as the Aust dollar, I'd expect to pay a premium for any item, but this is way above any Premium . .it's outrageous.

No wonder the shops won't stock it, or it's next game, as stores are saying they doubt they stock either of them. So if a game isn't getting banned, censored to fit in with a minor ratings system or Refused classification, it's being priced out of the ball park by many a greedy publisher.

Immortal Kaim3749d ago

Absolutely disgusting pricing. What is the US equivalent in pricing?

facepalm3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

About $450 USD...

For comparisons:
The X360 Elite cost about $649 AUD, and the PS3 cost $699 AUD...

EDIT ADDED: In other words...massive rip-off!!

gaminoz3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

And you can get old Pro 360s for $388 at WOW. Who's going to buy all that kit for that price, over a hundred more than the console itself???

XboxOZ3603749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Yeah, and considering Rock Band II sells for $US189.99 from Amazon and GameStop for the full kit, that's a HUGE $US difference in pricing. I doubt many will buy it, unless of course they are those who are compulsive about "having it" . . .

While EA have changed their Development acquisition style with their new COE, they need to get the team at the marketing and sale areas under the same thought process. As it is seen as a whole company rather than separate entities. We have the Publishing/Development arm, and then there's the Marketing and Sales arm. It would be great if both of them talked to each other more often

Immortal Kaim3749d ago

Thanks guys. Well its official, probably the biggest rip-off in gaming history. I really hope no one buys this game, show EA we won't accept this sh*t

XboxOZ3603749d ago

Point is, many ppl will buy it if it does become available anyhow.

Not to the numbers needed locally, but there are those out there that see any price for a music orientated game well worth it . . . anything for a sudo-band experience. It's certainly NOT something I'd invest that amount into, that's for sure. As the game (Rock Band I can be bought off eBay for far less, even with an inflated ebay price point.

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