SOE Announces Two New EverQuest Expansions, Fan Fairies Get Them Free

Kotaku writes: "Sony Online Entertainment announced today at its Fan Faire gathering that both the original EverQuest and its sequel, EverQuest II, would see a new expansion each. EverQuest Seeds of Destruction, the 15th (!!) expansion for the MMO, will be released on October 21, with EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey available on November 18. That would be EQ II's fifth expansion, if you're keeping count.

The good news for those who paid good money to get to Fan Faire was that each attendee would get the expansions free.

The full list of features in both SOE expansions is contained within the press release after the jump. Should reading bore you to tears, lovely new screen shots of both EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey and EverQuest Seeds of Destruction are in our galleries below."

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nosmok3745d ago

I played eq from the first days then on to eq2 before moving on to other MMORPGS.
I most recently tried Conan, but felt it was too quick and easy to reach the end levels, and then a case of what to do now.
I was going to wait for Warhammer, or that Jumpgate Evolution.

How is it doing nowadays? Worth coming back to try again anyone? I used to love raids in EQ1.

adalwolfe3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

eq1 was pretty innovative at the time.. but sony hasn't changed at all from its formula, all proceeding soe mmorpg titles are the same horribly dull grindfests.. whether it be EQ, starwars galaxies, vanguard or any of the rest sony lays claim to. graphically though eq2 doesn't really compete with swg, or vangaurd, which do not compete with any other recent mmorpg that have come out..

If you need an mmorpg fix right now, i'd suggest DDO(which is cheap),guildwars(which is free), tabula rasa (for something different), or lotr online... any of those have eq2 beat.. to be honest though i'd think aoc would be the most enjoyable.. but then again i like violent video games..

sumfood4u3745d ago

Guess MMORPG will happen on the Ps3 someday.

user94220773745d ago

Awsome news for EverQuest Fans.

Gamekilla3745d ago

anybody attending a fair is NOT a fairie...

hano3744d ago

I remember reading about Everquest like 10 years ago and it was famous back then.

Garrison3744d ago

It's so different from how it started and such a great game to play. I miss playing Eq2 after being dragged to play WoW some of my friends. Got bored of wow real quick and now I need to buy some Eq2 game time.