Gametrailers: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 EA Showcase Interview HD

Gametrailers writes: "Get introduced to the dynamic attribute system."

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gameraxis3745d ago

is some sort of two player tournament mode... my brother and i keep waiting for it but it doesn't seem like its comming...

FCOLitsjustagame3745d ago

So I hear theres no weather and no time of day changes (not from this video but from someone else). That is a bit dissappointing but I think I will get it this year anyway since I dont have any 360 version. I will then skip unitl they do a redesign. Just like I wont get another NCAA 09 until they do a redesign, and I am still waiting on another madden that I thinks worth it. They did a redesign on NHL Last year but I never got around to getting it, this year they added another mode that looks cool so I will probably get it also.