Why Nintendo Succeeds

Wade Westfall from writes: "Me, being a extremely long time Nintendo fanboy, is beginning to lose sight of Nintendo. When the Wii's motion controls were first announced, I was extatic. Thinking that they can finally make up for the Gamecubes lack of pretty much everything. Soon enough, the truth was revealed to me. It seemed that Nintendo was beginning to give up on its hardcore gamers. Sure Wii Sports was a great party game, but it most certainly isn't for us hardcore gamers. It was all downhill from there for Nintendo. They had a few games here and there such as Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and Brawl. All of which are great games, but don't nearly stack up to the amount that the 360 and PS3 have."

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thebudgetgamer3744d ago

because most people that buy the wii would've bought a pet rock

Suga Shane3744d ago

The author doesn't give his view on why Nintendo succeeds and he talks about the Wii in the past tense