GameZone: 1 vs. 100 Review

GameZone writes: "Trivia games are a tricky business. Without the formal game show setup in place (where bad contestants are supposed to be screened and eliminated ahead of time), game developers have to make a best guess in deciding what's difficult, what's easy, and what's ridiculous. It's especially hard because you never know who's going to play your game – brainiacs are sure to jump on board, but what happens if Izzy Idiot or Stan Stupid jumps on board? Negative e-mails and blog posts are bound to ensue.

Sony has cleverly avoided these problems with their intelligent Buzz! series, which offers a greater variety of topics and questions than most, less repetition, and a goofy, lighthearted appearance. The controller design, which looks like it came from a game show, didn't hurt either. Where does this lead other trivia games? Most opt for a license, as seen here with the release of 1 vs. 100."

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PoSTedUP3774d ago

woooow honestly this was like the only thing i liked out of E3 from MS's press conference that i though was cool. i dont go by reviews so i still suggest yall check this one out for your self.

Cyrus3653774d ago

This is the DS review of the game, MS game isn't coming out till Fall I believe.

green3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

LOL at poSTedUp .May i suggest actually reading the article before making a comment.

solidsnakus3774d ago

i wonder how ms is going to handle it, i hope all those games are free(sponsored) since there only at a certain time of the day. its an awesome idea, hourly programmed gaming.