Time Out of Mind

WSJ writes: "While videogame budgets at big studios can be millions of dollars, Mr. Blow estimates that he spent more than $180,000 of his own money during the past three years to develop Braid. He also took time off from his job as a videogame-industry consultant to focus on his project. "I have no idea how well Braid will sell," he says. "Realistically though, I could lose all of that [money]." Microsoft picked up the game in 2007 and decided to publish it for Xbox Live Arcade. It will sell for $15, a higher price than most downloadable games on the platform."

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CAPT IRISH3747d ago

this will be the first xbla game for me

PMantix3747d ago

well hey, you have to spend money to make money... hopefully the personal investment works out for him.

If I had a 360 I'd get this. It looks very interesting and might satisfy an itch that rarely gets scratched anymore.