LittleBigPlanet to only be available on Blu-Ray, not PSN

Despite many rumors, Media Molecule has announced that LittleBigPlanet will only be available on Blu-Ray and not via the PlayStation Network.

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King Me3745d ago

yeah,they never officially confirmed a PSN version,so yeap.

iamtehpwn3745d ago

Because think about how network centric this game is, it's brilliant for PSN

The Lazy One3745d ago

is just a wasted opportunity. It'll still sell great, but I have no idea why you wouldn't do both. I can't imagine they'd have lost money.

rexor07173745d ago

To me, it seems like the perfect type of game to have on the PSN. Who knows, it might be some 30 gig game...

gaffyh3745d ago

Didn't they say that they were going to fill the disc up with as many levels as possible before they release the game on Blu-Ray, so that would mean the game would be huge if you wanted to download it on the PSN

masterg3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

First they said both Blu-ray and PSN which I think was the right choice.

Now they will probably release it on PSN as a platinum title at $29.99 in a year or so.
With little levels to keep the size down.
You can always download the levels you want.

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Morgan Douglas Jones3745d ago

Hmm I thought this was confirmed awhile ago? I'd rather have the box anyway and plus if you pre-order from GameStop or EB Games you get Kratos Sackboy, only available through pre-order.

Raoh3745d ago

i always prefer the physical media over download (although if i didn't already have burnout paradise i would jump on that download version).

but i do find it odd that LBP isnt available via PSN Store.....

it almost seems like it was meant for it... i wonder how much content is on the blu ray

UnSelf3745d ago

The size of the content is about as big as ones imagination

Draperc3745d ago

I'll always choose physical format over digital downloads, cause I'm pretty sure there's no warranty for digital downloads, so if your hdd messes up and everything gets deleted, then you're sh*t out of luck, you gotta pay to download it again. with a physical copy however, if something happens to it, and i have a warranty on it, i can take it back to where i got it and get a replacement at no charge.

El_Colombiano3745d ago

Actually, you can just redownload it free of charge. It's actually safer to download it. But I agree, disk based is better.

Draperc3745d ago

Oh, really? well, didn't know that. you get a bubble for correcting me.

DJ3745d ago

Saved my butt when I got Motorstorm DLC one time.

El_Colombiano3745d ago

Yeah no problem my friend, bubbles back at ya.

LeonSKennedy4Life3745d ago

I agree.

Although, GT:Prologue can only be played while connected to the internet, if you downloaded it. Found that out the hard way.

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The story is too old to be commented.