Level Up Studios’ Mega Man Nendoroid Is Adorable But Pricey

Video game goods retailer Level Up Studios has announced they are currently accepting pre-orders for their upcoming Mega Man Nendroid figure.

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derkasan950d ago

Looks like the Mega Man: Powered Up rendition of the blue bomber.

dead_pixels950d ago

It does. Loving the chibi-fied style.

tamriilin950d ago

Jack in! Megaman, execute

JMPetrequin950d ago

Makes me want physically customizable amiibo

PixelGateUk950d ago

They are pricey but the quality is decent. I've got the Wind Waker Link and MGS Solid Snake models, both of which look canny on a shelf/desk.

Though they do look creepy as hell when you take their faces off

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