TeamXbox: Baja Edge of Control Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "There's something special about traversing terrain that was only intended to be explored by wild animals. We're not talking about the urban jungle of course; games like 2XL's soon-to-be-released BAJA: Edge of Control are all about hitting the open trail.

The early American settlers and their Conestoga wagons we're the true pioneers of the off-road. But the problem was that these wagon treks were about finding Point B, and not about how to get to it– via Point A– in the shortest time possible. This is where rally racing came in, albeit years after the wagons and after these states became united.

The invention of the automobile was shortly followed by individuals wanting to compete in said autos; sometimes off-road. While the French and their European counterparts were battling it out in Monte Carlo in the early 20th century, Americans were dueling in the desert– from L.A. to Phoenix to be exact– in what many believe to be the first organized baja-style racing. Born out of this "Cactus Derby" is modern day baja– 800 horsepower trophy trucks, two-plus feet of suspension travel, fully-sanctioned events all over the world and huge, sponsor-backed race team budgets."

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