GameStop to close stores in Puerto Rico

Joey Mooring,

GameStop Official Statement:

Given the ongoing business challenges and increased governmental restraints we have experienced in Puerto Rico, GameStop has made the business decision to close all of its video game stores and operations located on the island. As a result, GameStop will be exiting the Puerto Rican market by the end of March 2016. Until that time, we will continue to conduct normal business operations.

Joey Mooring | Director, Public Relations |

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-Ikon-1067d ago

and it starts.. they going the way of circuit city and raidoshack

VerdicLinwe1067d ago

Should probably research what the island is going through before jumping to that conclusion.

BattleAxe1067d ago

The economy isn't good there, and the government has gone bankrupt from the sounds of things. I'm sure that Gamestop wont be the last business to close shop in this territory.

realprgamer1067d ago

Aparentemente por nuevos impuestos del gobierno, Gamestop decide irse de la Isla.

crazychris41241067d ago

Probably because Puerto Rico is in economic hell. High unemployment, high minimum wage, underfunded pensions, almost half the people on welfare, population moving to the continental US and no bailout in sight. Surprised they didnt leave sooner.

FlameBaitGod1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Nordstrom did 1.5 million in 4 days of opening in PR and I personally live here lol, believe me when I say money problems aren't as bad as many uninformed people believe lol.

JC Penny, Sears and Macy's have all ranked #1 in sales from time to time in PR. You can google this, people are still so uninformed about PR its crazy. The majority think we're like a third world country Lol.

DVAcme1067d ago

I live in Puerto Rico too, and I think you're VERY misinformed about how money works. Yes, US chain stores make a lot of money here when they open, but that money is charged on credit cards by people recklessly head-diving into debt. Money moves in Puerto Rico, but it doesn't move anywhere constructive.

GameStop does a lot business in Puerto Rico, but the overall costs are too high for the company to like. Import of goods is expensive, taxes are through the roof, etc. And yes, we ARE a third-world country. Education is distressingly sub-standard, crime is high beyond anything that can be seen in the States, government corruption is rampant and we have a brain drain from all the professionals jumping ship to the States in search of a better life. Just cause people like Wal-Mart and Walgreens do big business in PR doesn't mean the economy is healthy, since the money made by those companies doesn't stay in the island beyond paying their employees' laughably low salaries and paying taxes that politicians spend recklessly or outright steal anyway.

At least we have options like Steam and ordering online for our games, but yeah, GameStop leaving PR is a tough blow to PR gamers, especially those with lesser budgets who depended on used and discounted games for their fix. It's not surprising, but it is regrettable.

Rimeskeem1067d ago

It doesn't have a high minimum wage.... but everything else is true.

rainslacker1067d ago

There is spending power there though. I sell quite a lot of games to PR...maybe 10% of all my stock, and some of my stuff isn't exactly cheap.

Kind of like China. There is a large percentage of the population which is well below the poverty level, but there is enough of the population to support business. Granted, PR is a fairly small territory, and I have read that a significant number of people are migrating from there. Don't really care to look up the other stuff, but have heard similar things from people I know from there. Seems like a huge disparity in social classes more than anything.

DVAcme1066d ago

"Seems like a huge disparity in social classes more than anything."

You inadvertently hit the nail on the head, my friend. PR basically has no middle class anyomore. People are either stupidly rich or generations-long welfare families. Imagine an island-size South Central LA circa 1991 and you get an idea of how badly PR is doing.

The middle class in PR has disappeared bexause the cost of living, abusive taxes, government corruption and lack of jobs have pushed them below the poverty line. In response, they have jumped ship to the US with their families to look for new opportunities, which they find handily, since they are trained professionals with years of experience and bilingual to boot. I'm planning on doing the jump myself once I'm done with nursing school, especially since I'm a veteran. Another aspect of PR culture is that veterans are worth jack and squat here. People don't respect them and many of the benefits veterans enjoy in the States don't exist here.

ScorpiusX1067d ago

Guess Puerto Rico is going all digital, if all similar store follow suit.

DVAcme1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I'm afraid that's not an option. Many PR gamers have no internet connection to speak of, let alone one fast enough that they can comfortably download digital games. PR is also overwhelmingly tech-dumb, making physical media-based consoles the more popular gaming choice and PC gaming a really small niche market composed of the more tech- and money-savvy consumers. What will happen is that gamers will buy their games in chain stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, Best Buy, etc., and their game options will shrink dramatically. Say what you want about GameStop, they at least stocked all kinds of games, even obscure ones, and could serve consumers by special-ordering games not in stock. Now, gamers are basically limited to the more popular games that the bigger chains stock and no access to used games. If anything, I expect for gaming piracy to explode in the island.

FlameBaitGod1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

DVAcme I think you live outside the city ?

Because here in San Juan we have Liberty, and they are cheap. Basic Internet download is 40MB/s with HDTV package plus unlimited phone line calls for $113. All my friends and my self buy games digitally. It takes 3 or less hours to download a full game and since we can preload games b4 they release we don't lose anything.

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