Final Fantasy XV Will Have Explorable Cities of "Considerable Scale" And Exciting "Aerial Battles"

Final Fantasy XV is currently set for a release in 2016 and in a recent Q/A that was held by the developers, they have shared some interesting new information for the game including the size of the cities and difficulty curve of the game.

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LAWSON72916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

I can't wait for this game, too bad it is still so far away. Same goes for KH3, hopefully they are not overly casual I want a game with some character level systems, party configurations, and loads of equipment to choose from. There are many JRPGs but none have had the production values (Tales of) or just have yet to see a new console entry (Persona).

May have to check out that Star ocean at least until Persona 5

Sharingan_no_Kakashi916d ago

Well they said summer of 2016 so That's not too far. August at the latest but more likely June/July. And if that's the case, KH3 could release by winter 2016/2017.

never4get915d ago

Very detail City, Aerial battles, Greatness is Coming!

Warp Points?...Just Cause 3 developer didn't share grappling hook tech? Avalanche!!!

smashman98915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

I'd Say don't expect 3 till atleast mid 2017 to late 2017

that's just my guess

ninsigma916d ago

I've generally found that even with loads of weapons, most of the time you're just better off equipping the strongest one, which leaves little room for customization. Unless I'm playing wrong lol

Eiyuuou916d ago

Sometimes a lesser weapon can have a better effect against certain foes. Especially elemental weapons and the like.

ninsigma916d ago

Yeah that's a good point but I've found that after training for a bit, it's irrelevant. Though it could be use full on bosses. Hmmm maybe I'll actually use my brain instead of going with brute force next time xD

DragonKnight915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

I think it should be kind of like the Souls series but with some changes. What I mean is that weapons themselves shouldn't have damage values, instead your own strength stat should determine damage values and thus for different weapons you'd need different stats. So like, a Greatsword would require more strength to wield but would do more damage, and should you then decide to equip a standard longsword, because you increased your strength then it would mean you swing harder and/or faster thus doing more DPS.

What weapons should offer are particular effects or effectiveness against enemies. So like a standard longsword could do either slash or thrust damage and has balanced effectiveness against enemies weak to either damage type but does less overall damage than a Greatsword which should be only slash (or more accurately chop given the size) damage and is great against enemies weak to slash but poorly against those weak to thrust.

And then you just add on things like elemental or status effects. This way you have a reason to use a myriad of weapons because the damage is coming from your stats and the weapons type/effect rather than you just found a longsword that adds 255 attack power and one shots everything.

ninsigma915d ago

I like that idea. It gives a lot more room for customization and makes you prepare differently for different battles. I'm assuming 15 won't be like that. I guess it'll be more standard in how it handles its customization.

DragonKnight915d ago

Well, the demo had weapon slots with 4 different weapons assigned to 4 buttons. There was a sword that drained HP, a spear that allowed for the jump skill, a great sword that had a sweeping attack, and the standard sword you see Noctis using. Each special attribute cost a certain number of what I'll skill points to use and if you didn't have those points then all you could do was a basic attack. So it has some customization only locked behind a point based mechanic. Kinda like how magic works but for skills instead.

ninsigma915d ago

That sounds pretty interesting actually. I didn't play the beta because either didn't want to buy type 0. I look forward to trying it out when it releases, it looks great so far.

915d ago
trenso1915d ago

@dragon knight i think they might be doing something like that because in the demo the weapon didnt have damage stats them selves but abilities like health regen or mp regen. of course the bigger weapons did more that a small sword but i think they might use a system similar to the one you described. Looking at the demo weapons seem to be also classed by tiers so getting higher tiered weapons for your load out would be most ideal i think.

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MegaRay915d ago

I actually like how Bandai handle Tales of series. 1 Good game every year is better than 1 perfect game every 10 years (Like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean and Persona)

But thats just my opinion when it comes to JRPGs

Stokedup915d ago

I'm also really looking forward to this, I've always liked the look of it since its rebranding to FF15. I don't think it's that far away either, back in November they said it was now playable from start to finish.

Eamon915d ago

Exciting aerial battles...

I am reminded of the first & last FFvs13 gameplay trailer. Where Noctis was fighting on an airship of sorts and that Dragoon woman epicly jumps down onto it with her spear.

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WildArmed916d ago

I can't wait for the release date reveal!

Also, when I think aerial battles, I think the battle on Setzer's ship in FF6 :D

Khaotic916d ago

I think they shared tech with Avalanche "Just Cause" for the arial part of the game. If i remember correctly

josephayal916d ago

I'm really disappointed with this game

DarkOcelet916d ago

You are disappointed with a game you haven't even try yet? Smfh.

Godmars290916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

I've been tired of Square saying things about this game, when they should have been showing them.

[email protected]:
Because FF15 is a road trip with large expansive areas to wonder around in for busy work, whereas FF7r has to deal with character development and growth.

Or maybe because of all the side characters they plan on expanding on.

916d ago
DigitalRaptor916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

Another ignorant comment from DoctorFraud.

The game has not been in continuous development for 10 years, let alone over it. You should already know this since the development of the game has been documented and extracted from interviews. The team moving over and halting development to help work on FFXIII and its sequels, as well as Nomura sharing his director role with Kingdom Hearts III when we didn't even know it was a thing, as well as the ton of other things he works on.

How about you wait until you have actually seen the scope of the first part in the FFVII Remake series until you call out BS?

Crimzon916d ago

How do you know that he hasn't tried the game? He could have played the Episode Duscae demo and been disappointed by it.

ColonelHugh915d ago


Final Fantasy VII, like it's peers of the era, were quite expansive for the time but limited by tech.

I'll explain: FFVII's overworld is their world as a globe, fully navigable, but the party and vehicles are necessarily city-sized. So the overworld is not that big effectively. When in dungeons or towns, you exist in a series of prerendered (but beautiful) background art with invisible walls where the art depicts a wall. NPC's flit about on simple AI pathways.

In order to take that old, three-disc, fourty-hour (minimum) game and make it modern without sacrificing content, and yet adding more to Midgar and other towns, AND eventually replacing the overworld with a XV style one, is going to take time and space. Better to be long and encompassing than short and sweet.

Godmars290915d ago

Beg pardon? For its time CD was cutting edge. A massive innovation in terms of costs as well as production. Whereas today graphic detail comes at the cost of content, games like FF7 blew out the doors in terms of content.

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zep916d ago

it doesn't feel that it has a fantasy on it right?

Eiyuuou915d ago

Ramuh would like to have a word with you.

zep915d ago

Yeah we talk had a few beers he told me hes too old for that shit what i mean is i want airship i want world map with continents that i can explore side mission taht will make me play so i can acquire a gold flying chocobo so that i can get the most badass weapons and summons all of that is last seen on ff 9 and its not just the ff series im talking about even tales of doenst have it anymore

ColonelHugh915d ago


Final Fantasy Type-0 might be your jam if that's your criteria. It's not one of the greats, but that's all we get for old-school RPGs

zep915d ago

Nah type 0 is more like actionrpg than jrpg its ok i still play them i just miss playing them the way they used to be in fact i still can. just recently plat ff7 and currently enjoying xbx on wii u

Irishguy95910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Well Zep, it has got the exploring for weapons and summons. That was in the demo even.

Hopefully they will have the chocobo(Breeding them I mean)

However, as far as airships go its up in the air. But at the very least you can jump higher as game progresses so earlier locked areas would be more explorable.

There ain't a chance they gonna leave out ruby weapon etc for this game. THey'll have side bosses.

zep910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

sure they can original japanese version dont have weapons demo is too western game final fantasy is too western now sucks

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Dread915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

so wait, people here can be excited about the game but this guy cannot be disappointed?


on point: after their last final fantasy games i am worried. although I hope for the best, and i admit the game looks interesting.

Taero915d ago

Well optimism generally doesn't require proof or experience in something, disappointment implies trying something and it falling short of what you have wished for. I wouldn't call the Duscae demo any more involved than maybe the reactor section of FFVII and I definitely wouldn't judge FFVII by just that, would you?

-Gespenst-915d ago

No, people can be excited or not excited, but they can't be disappointed or not disappointed - not yet.

Dread915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

so i cannot be disappointed by the look of the game, its art ditrection the gameplaydemo i played etc.


fyi not saying i am but gees how can u argue that one is not allowed to be disappointed unless they play the damn thing.

Griever916d ago (Edited 915d ago )

Cant wait for this game! Me and my daughter for that matter. My 6 year old daughter asks me on a daily basis when its releasing. I told her that when she will pass her exams and reach second grade. Lol. I let her play the demo and she loved it. She wanted to travel to the crystal in the distance where Titan is but the demo did not allow that. Now all she is looking forward to is travelling to that crystal pillar on a fluffy chocobo and fight Titan! Lol. Kids are really cute. :-)

I have already set aside my $60 bucks for the game and devouring every piece of information I find except for spoilers ofcourse. I have played every FF game since FF6. I like some of them more than others but I have never disliked any one of them. I am excited about this one as well even though many people are skeptical. I understand their skepticism but I am trying to stay positive and hope for the best. :-) I really wish it releases by summer or something. Cant wait till fall...

Eiyuuou916d ago (Edited 916d ago )

This certainly sounds good. I'm interested in this different gameplay mechanic.