Gametrailers: Infinite Undiscovery Preview

Villains have chained the moon to the Earth. That is just wrong.

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NinjaRyu3746d ago

Tri-Ace usualy doesn't made bad game so I think this game gonna be sweet!I just hope it sells well in japan & reachs a million sold worldwide so i can gt A IU2!

P.S. On a sidemote,I just wish people would give J-RPG's on the 360 a chance. The way Animefans & RPG lovers treat J-RPG's(at least the ones I know) on the 360 is almost as bad the as the way interracial couples were treat in the 1920's in the U.S. I mean come on, It would be fair for a FPS fan to not play FPS's on the PS3 just because it's a japanese console! Am I right?