Q&A: What Japanese Developers Can't Say About EA Deal

Strange announcement, stranger interview.

Electronic Arts said at a media briefing at its Redwood City headquarters Thursday that it would partner with Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture (maker of No More Heroes) to produce a multi-platform, horror-themed videogame. On hand to discuss the partnership were director Goichi Suda (right) and producer Shinji Mikami (left).

Of course, since absolutely no details about the project have been revealed, Suda and Mikami couldn't actually talk about much of anything. And there were several times when they engaged in some spirited back-and-forth with their translator about whether or not they could say things that they'd already said.

Even with all the confusion, jokes about high school baseball, etc., it was an interesting 20 minutes. Read on for the results.

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DarkSniper3745d ago

Shinji Mikami and Suda 51 are some of the greatest developers in modern and decade gaming history. Suda has been known for bringing the PlayStation franchise great games like Killer 7 and Mikami for bringing the legendary Resident Evil series.

Clearly both of these two critically acclaimed developers have storied histories of their fantastic efforts in the gaming industry. Combine this with Hideo Kojima and Suda 51's Snatcher project and this will undoubtedly reach mainstream appeal of PLAYSTATION®3.

Now is a great time to be a PLAYSTATION®3 owner. Dark Sniper holds his PS3 with pride when he becomes one with the system.

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