David Bowie PlayStation tribute - 5 games that feature the legend's music

PlayStation Universe takes a look back at some of the games and moments where David Bowie's music struck a chord in videogames.

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TheCommentator1071d ago

Dance Magic, Dance. He will be missed. This is ground control to Major Tom, signing off...

ironcrow23861071d ago

Ended up doing quite well with ziggy stardust on GH; was only on medium but I still consider it an achievement 😃

KingofGambling1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Wasn't David Bowie in a Quantic Dreams game during the PS2 era?

shloobmm31071d ago

The most important thing in gaming when it comes to David Bowie is Omikron. Game was ahead of its time and David Bowie was actually in it a long with his music.