Destructoid iPhone review blitzkrieg: Project X

Destructoid writes: "My last iPhone review blitzkrieg left my phone-hand tired and my mental facilities numb. I became aware that the iPhone has the propensity to have both bright, vibrant and decently fun games. I was also shown just how cheap and flimsy they can be as well. Recently, I've had a chance to test a sampling of publisher Project X's offerings. Overall, I am fairly disappointed.

I should have known that I would be displeased with the titles. When I plugged my iPhone into iTunes after downloading the games, my iPhone stopped working. It froze and refused to accept the goodies that Project X bestowed upon me. After several hard resets and three memory clears I was finally able to play. The problem is, the games I went through all the memory wiping work for were Critter Crunch, Pinball RC, Reel Deal Slots, and Reel Deal Texas Hold'em."

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