Oculus Rift Creator Says Virtual Boy “Hurt the VR Industry,”

In the 1990s, Nintendo experimented with commercial virtual reality hardware by way of the Virtual Boy. This product ultimately failed, and its shortcomings negatively affected the VR industry overall. That’s according to 23-year-old Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey. In his second Reddit AMA in the space of a few days, Luckey said the Virtual Boy does not even deserve to be called a true VR device.

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YinYangGaming772d ago

It was a forward thinking device that was severely limited by the technology available at the time, I'd like to see Luckey create a true VR device with 1990s technology, the more articles coming out about this guy the more he's sounding like a jackass

TLG1991772d ago

My thought exactly, I'm really starting to dislike this bloke.

DARKKENT772d ago

Dang just push the blame to Nintendo because they were being innovative!!

Yh his getting on my nerves now to...

IamTylerDurden1771d ago

Exactly, everything is relevant. Sure, the product bombed bc the technology of the time was limited, but obviously it wasn't a true VR device. Ppl didn't even know what true VR was back then, i thought the Lawn Mower Man was "true VR" back then.

Monolith771d ago

I loved my virtual boy. Red alert, water world and mario tennis was awesome to me at the time

tablecloth771d ago

Nintendo did hurt the VR name because they do what they always do. Sell a cheap product and make profit out of it.
That may work for consoles or handhelds but for VR? If you look at the specs of the Oculus (and what's needed for it) it ain't cheap. You need a lot more out of a VR headset and or rig, the entry level of VR is just higher than your consoles and PC's games.

And "limited by the technology" is no excuse imo. They should have not released it because it wasn't up to "VR" standards, when it's a pain to use and a pain to play.
Sure Nintendo should be applauded for trying to set steps in VR, but it severely backfired for Nintendo and VR because of set standards.

Besides that, it was more of a early 3DS than anything VR.

joeorc771d ago


"Sure Nintendo should be applauded for trying to set steps in VR, but it severely backfired for Nintendo and VR because of set standards"

Exactly 100% agreement, to do VR @ the time VR kit of any real measure worth its weight to do proper VR in the 90's would have cost the Consumer over $400 to Even higher than $500.00

There was VR headset's at the time to purchase Sony glastron for instance was in 1995 to its consumer release in 1997 had optional tracking hardware that was able to be added to give a pretty decent level of VR , but was like all the main VR headsets of that time was pretty much out of reach for many consumers on top of content bring very slim due to much higher cost in entry into VR.

Nintendo , tried to cut back on VR hardware requirements in order to off VR for target of mass consumer VR.

Like you stated in view of such scale down of hardware it may have hurt not only perceptions about VR, but adoption of its viability over the years when the hardware entry level VR needed would be adequate to ensure the Entry level VR's Experience & support by content creators could have a chance on the adoption of Entry level VR could or would be there where they could support Entry level agressive , while being able to shift resources to more expensive headset where the quality of Entry and higher HMD's are not that far apart in sold base performance to provide a bare minimum Entry level VR that would give that Wow factor needed for consumers to buy in.

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Apocalypse Shadow771d ago

He's right though. Virtual boy is not even a VR unit. Uniformed individuals keep including it in the conversation like there is some type of connection.

Does that mean the Sega Genesis was the beginning of gaming? Did the TurboGrafx-16 give you speed? Did the Coleco somehow change your vision? Did the Dreamcast give you lucid dreaming? Did the Atari Jaguar run with the cats? Did the Xbox mark the spot where the gold was?

Just because it has virtual in the name doesn't mean it was virtual reality.Does that mean if my last name is Jackson, I'm related to every other Jackson? You couldn't even wear the thing besides all the other lack of virtual features. The creator of Gameboy created a new product and it bombed. Just like 32x,Robi the robot,3DO, Sega Saturn, etc.

VR requires certain guidelines that make it virtual reality. And Virtualboy doesn't meet any of it. And the fact that it was 20 years ago compared to today's technology, people need to let it go.

771d ago
ceejaa771d ago

I think vr is gonna break out bigtime this year. People already like the gimicky cell phones vr stuff. Playstation and oculus gonna sell well i think.

IamTylerDurden1771d ago

I love how Luckey "recently apoligized" for misleading ppl to think that Oculus would be $350. He said $350 was a "targeted" price. You need to sack your business ppl if you were targeting 350 and it turned out to be nearly twice as much at $600. He wouldn't be lying now would he?

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