Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria details

Destructoid writes: "The first thing that Adam Merskey, Director of Communications at Turbine told me was, 'Nobody delivers as much content as Turbine.' Over the course of Gen Con 2008, I've learned that may be completely true. Turbine has the excellent habit of never neglecting its fans, even if the game is nine years and has already been updated one hundred times. The idea behind this is one of fan loyalty and a sense of duty.

One game Merskey really takes pride in is Lord of the Rings Online and its upcoming expansion called "Mines of Moria." The expansion was originally unveiled at Connect '08 in March, but development on it keeps rolling. The new ideas being introduced, and the epic dungeon of Moria is sounding pretty good. As a Tolkien fan, I have to say I was highly impressed by Turbine's offering. Their commitment to the fiction of Lord of the Rings seems as true as their commitment to continually updating their material.

Hit the break to learn more about the Mines of Moria expansion.

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Lord of the rings has gotten far in the gaming industry, I loved the ps2 version of the game.