Oculus CEO to Australians: Go Ahead and File a Complaint

GamersNexus: "Oculus Rift CEO Palmer Luckey took fire all throughout last week's CES, a show we covered extensively, thanks to his company's near-doubled Oculus Rift pricing over the initial $350 estimate. The company claims it's selling the Rift at “almost cost” with its $600 price-point, and has definitely tempered its financial hit with the inclusion of a free Xbox controller."

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BigBosss622d ago

I'm from Sydney, Australia and this is a total rip-off!

Neonridr622d ago

agreed, the fact that the shipping is astronomical, along with being taxed twice is simply ridiculous. The least Palmer could do is say he will look into it...

I hope us Canadians don't get some ridiculous shipping charges along with double taxes.

BigBosss622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

I've heard Canadian price is around 800 to 850 bucks

Bdub2000622d ago

This whole Oculus launch Doesn't seem to be going well. Just another stain on the VR hype train.

The one good thing about the $600 price, I won't be buying it anytime soon. So that will at least ensure I don't drop $600 if it flops within a year. Now I am forced to wait it out and see how it does.

Neonridr622d ago

@BigBosss - well it was $914 CDN once you factor in conversion and such. There was additional prices already calculated after the $849 price. Who knows how much extra they will gouge us once the thing actually ships.

Eonjay622d ago


No, Luckey is just really really bad at PR. Like everything he says is wrong.

uth11622d ago

@Bdub - if "not going well" is selling all your stock and having to back order, then what does a successful launch look like?

JackBNimble622d ago

It's all about the exchange rate.
I am Canadian and I still would be paying $600 usd, but that equals around $800 cnd.

You're still paying $600 American dollars.

krazeecain622d ago

Crap, I'm Canadian and I forgot our dollar is so shitty... Damn this sucks. Why are they charging $600 USD for a little LCD panel and some leds?!

ziggurcat622d ago


the price will depend on the US exchange rate. at the current rate, it'd be priced at (likely) $849. if the Canadian dollar dips even further, it could be closer to $1000.

Neonridr622d ago

well hopefully they honor our preorder prices at least.. *fingers crossed*

Phunkydiabetic1622d ago

What the hell does the shipping cost and double tax have to do with the Rift? Nothing. Once again a bunch of neckbeard man children whining over bullshit.

Bdub2000622d ago


My comment has nothing to do with Luckey or his PR skills, not sure why you're replying "no" to me.


Well said, except I was referring to the recent negative publicity on its launch. Easy to sell all your stock when its limited supply, but I'm sure it will be successful nonetheless.

Pogmathoin622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

When consecutive federal governments allow Bell, Rogers and Telus to rape us, you really believe it will get better for OR?

Neonridr621d ago

@Phunkydiabetic1 - ummmm... did you read the article at all? Or did you just show up here to act all tough and cool?

The fact that you are receiving a product that is shipping locally, yet being charged shipping charges that would amount to more than it would cost to ship it internationally, while also being subjected to twice the taxes is a little bit of a concern regarding A LOT of people's preorders for the Rift that don't live in the good ol' US of A.

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PizzaSteve622d ago

Don't buy it. Seriously people don't fall for the VR hype. It's something you can live without or just wait till it drop price with more software available.

SunnyZ622d ago

*cough* nintendo power glove *cough*

It's something you can live without...forever

I cant even game wearing headphones, stuffed if im gonna play a game with a bloody screen on my face, plus with that thing covering my eyes how am I meant to see my keyboard?

Jut randomly guess where the buttons are. YAY!

Ken85622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

Dont tell people what not to buy. Everyone has diffrent taste and intrest. VR isnt for everybody, but I'm super excited for the next generation of tech.

IamTylerDurden1622d ago

Just don't buy the 1 that is trying to rip you off. VR is legit and i can't wait for Rigs and No Man's Sky on PSVR but Oculus and Palmer are a bunch of ripoff artists.

Neonridr622d ago

@SunnyZ - I am guessing you don't game a lot on your PC if you can't even find the WASD keys without looking down at your hands.

spartanlemur622d ago

Well we can live without video games, but that doesn't mean they're not immensely enjoyable!

moomin622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

Can we be clear on this. Occulus VR on PC is not going well at the mo. But don't tarnish Vive, Sony VR or Microsoft hololens with the same brush. Those other companies have yet to announce their price, target audience and get proper reviews from industry experts. Your outburst because u personally distrust VR (without even physically trying it yourself? or have u experienced bad on OR) either makes you a fool or impatient. Will you at least give VR a go then remark later? Makes common sense right? Millions of new jobs from developers, game artists, delivery guys, those out of jobs are hoping this new industry succeeds cos millions of families and singles need to make a living. nice one bro

TimelessDbz622d ago

How is it going to get software support when you are telling people not to buy it ...

krazeecain622d ago

@SunnyZ If you can't even game with headphones on then you're obviously in a bizarre minority of people that aren't suited for VR. Look beyond the tip of your nose and you'll see a large group of people who can and will enjoy VR.

Apollosupreme622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

This is sound advice. If VR truly is the future and truly will be a standard device, a staple in every gamers room then surely waiting a year or two means little to nothing in the big scheme of things.

Save your money. See which of the big three emerges top dog. See what big houses signs on to which device. By then you'll be able to make a good investment at a more reasonable price... OR if this all fails you can buy a used one at a fraction of the price.

kenwonobi622d ago

Or just wait till PSVR. Oculus Rift isn't all Virtual Reality options.

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Dark11622d ago

Helping Palmer with his kickstarter was a huge mistake.

The Great Melon622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

If you actually helped the Kickstarter you would be receiving a complementary consumer version at no cost. I wouldn't be complaining if I were you. I regret not backing it when I discovered the campaign on its last day.

rocketpanda622d ago

You do know the kickstart backers are getting the unit at no charge, some kind of goodwill gesture I guess. Still doesn't excuse the terrible territorial pricing.

Lamboomington621d ago

Oh please.

n4g armchair specialists have been reading a bunch of clickbait headlines recently, and forming opinions based on that. Needless to say, the title to this article is also bullshit, and paints an inaccurate picture.

"Helping Palmer with his kickstarter was a huge mistake"

lmao, speak for yourself. Oculus is one of the main reasons we're going to see high quality VR, and also the reason we're going to see rapid innovation in the long run. They're doing what is the best for VR. They are the biggest team working on VR right now, with enough money, time and manpower to make it all a reality. Tons of R&D going on as well.

They could have sold polished DK2s for $450 and raked in so many more orders. Thankfully they didn't do that. They made the necessary steps to deliver a high quality VR experience.

kotaku77622d ago

Then... go ahead File a complaint!

Lamboomington621d ago

Ofcourse, Palmer never actually said anything like that in the way you said it. Another clickbait title swallowed up by n4g commenters.

Please go and actually read the article, go to the reddit page and read the context.

HaveAsandwich622d ago

If it were shipping from the u.s., that shipping price would be correct. Not ok, but still correct. It's shipping from sydney, for christ sake. I was going to send a buddy in australia my hyperx cloud headset for ps4, and the shipping was $128 from orlando.

rainslacker622d ago

Not related to the article but

Consider looking into into USPS first class shipping then. 2 pound package would run you about $25. The headset is only 10oz, so if you kept it under 1# it'd only be $18 to ship. Any package under 4 pounds will be substantially cheaper using this method than priority or UPS/FedEx when shipping internationally. Takes about 10-14 days, as opposed to 3-7, but unless it's crucial to get it there fast, it's the best option 99% of the time.

To be a bit on topic, not sure what the OR weighs, but anything under 4-5 pounds is usually pretty cheap unless it comes in a box over 12" on more than 2 sides(forget the actual girth measurement) when carriers bump it up to dimensional weight which is a total ripoff as it's substantially more. Most consumer electronics products of a periphery nature tend to have packages which will fit within a box that is smaller than this for that exact reason...although I notice game publishers like to make their stuff about 1/8-1/4" too big to fit into the flat rate boxes the post office provides.:)

nowitzki2004622d ago

I am not from Australia and do not ever want to go there (way too many things that can kill me lol). I do not support Oculus on this at all. This is a slap in the face to gamers in general because Australia has very high prices for gaming software and hardware but continue to support the gaming industry. Cant someone start a petition to bring prices down a bit? Its really not asking for that much is it?

Tacklebait622d ago

They are already selling the rift at a loss.

nowitzki2004621d ago


Yeah they are even in the US... Supposedly. How would you feel about paying $200-$300 more than the rest of the world?

UnHoly_One622d ago

Is John Carmack still affiliated with Oculus? I haven't heard anything about him in a long time.

Seafort622d ago

They should have just launched it in US market first.

Once they've got to the stage where they have mass production going and a lower price launch it in other countries.

Palmer Luckey doesn't seem to be doing himself any favours with his arrogant and out of touch attitude.

Maybe he should have a bit of empathy for fans of his product as he wasn't a millionaire when he started the kickstarter but after Facebook bought out Oculus Rift.

It's seems to be true that money and power changes a person...into an arrogant prick.

Lamboomington621d ago

"Palmer Luckey doesn't seem to be doing himself any favours with his arrogant and out of touch attitude.

Maybe he should have a bit of empathy for fans of his product as he wasn't a millionaire when he started the kickstarter but after Facebook bought out Oculus Rift.

It's seems to be true that money and power changes a person...into an arrogant prick."

Again, swallowing clickbait titles and coming to silly conclusions. Palmer didn't actually say "Go ahead and file a complaint!". Maybe read the source material and see how the comment came up as a reply. "Feel free. Should be interesting to see their response" or something.

It's funny, the guy's a millionaire (?), but he's stated that for the OR, he's going to use only the recommended spec for his personal gaming, so that he doesn't go out of touch with the majority of customers.

I'm assuming you're also referring to the time when Palmer apparently said the rift is "Obscenely Cheap"
Again, another clickbait title taken as true by n4g armchair experts.
"Obscenely Cheap FOR WHAT IT IS"
completely different. He said you're getting an insanely good deal on the hardware. He never said the OR is a cheap product (he's been implying the opposite for quite a while now)

Everyone's making him out to be this arrogant asshole who sold his soul to big coorporations. Anyone who actually reads source material, watches interviews etc can see that's not true at all.

3-4-5622d ago

* That does suck, but it's not mandatory to buy it.

You don't HAVE to have one....

showtimefolks622d ago

Like other gimmicks VR will launch and in few years forgotten. Playstation VR will do better because Sony can price it anything below 600 and it will sell better than competition

And don't give me the crap about one being better

For oculus you also need a high end pc so the cost just isn't 599 and go play. You need a machine that can handle it well

Oculus is like Xbox one and playstation VR is like ps4.

Price matters to most consumers. To select few pc elite gamers congrats you can feel good about your self but to rest of us price does matter

bluzone622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

I wonder what the price would be minus the Kinect and he Xbox controller.
maybe let customers save some money that way.

hellothere1977622d ago

luckey knows you australians will bend over and take it anyways. what does he care, really. your tears won't make his billions any less awesome.

N311V621d ago

$130 for shipping is crazy!

It cost me about $15 recently to send a racing wheel (driving force GT), which has to be a lot heavier and in a larger box than OR, from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. That included insurance and sign on delivery. Granted I didn't send it far (practically the same city) but you can still see the massive price difference.

ChrisW621d ago


Stop playing the Devil's Advocate!

You were never going to buy one the first place. If anything, you are going to be buying the PS-VR.

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DragonbornZ622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

Crikey mate! Gonna catch yourself some good ones with that title!

His answer was less than satisfactory, but his answer isn't "don't like the price, go file a complaint breh".

Rayven622d ago

Not sure if you read the whole article. He said, and I quote;

"Feel free, would be interesting to see what they [ACCC] say"

He said this after a Reddit user threatened to file a complaint against Oculus on the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission.

This is some Konami level f*** up we're seeing here folks. It would have been a lot better if he stayed silent, instead he's going to lose a lot of trust especially among Aussie gamers.

spartanlemur622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

To be honest, how else would you expect him to respond to that?

"Oh no, please don't report us; we'll do whatever you ask"?

I think the implication is that the complaint has no basis.

jimsl1ce622d ago


There is basis for over-charging on shipping, it is unlawful in Australia to charge more for shipping than it actually costs.

Source: I have had the difference returned to me in the past, locate within Australia under Consumer Protection Laws.

DragonbornZ622d ago

I did. I said that because of of his first answer being alright, understandable, but less than satisfactory. His second answer was a bit snarky, but the question asked was also and seemed unnecessary. Well it came off that way to me.

“should Australians refer their concerns to the Australian Consumer & Competition Commission to seek a formal response from Oculus?”

Takes on an unnecessary tone imo. But seeing that price would probably make me do the same lol. But I honestly want to know if this is something for the ACCC to get involved in. Cause that shipping price is crazy.

But I agree he should've stayed quiet on that one.

DLConspiracy622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

I think you and this article is blowing this out of proportion. It's not exactly great customer service. I guess the person wanted Lucky himself to sign and deliver the package for him?

You have to understand that I'm sure they as a company had to get a pricing for everything everywhere ahead of time. So im sure Luckey is saying this in response to that.

I don't know all the details behind the scenes. All I know is that the internet blows everything out of proportion. They feed on drama like it's vampires to blood. The gaming community is no different especially since everyone is whining about VR like they know how everything costs to begin with. Like they know What other devices will cost when they release. PS4 cost Brazil 1,400 when it released. That was astronomical too.

Rayven622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

@spartanlemur You don't have to say anything, especially on the internet. In this case, it would have been best if he said nothing instead of trying to be provocative while his company is in hot water among consumers.

@DLConspiracy It's not blown out of proportion when the shipping cost from Australia to Australia is as much as having something shipped from the other side of the world. This is either some serious price gouging, or really poor planning on their part. It's most likely the former since Aussies are richer than the average gamer.

rainslacker622d ago (Edited 622d ago )


Does that mean that handling charges can't be applied to shipments? While I won't defend excessive charges, typically, the S&H fee includes both the postage and the cost to pack it up and ship it.

I ask out of curiosity since I do a lot of international shipping, even to Australia, although I don't believe that I'm subject to their laws in this case because I am a US entity, and my sales are handled through a US facilitator, although that facilitator has an Australian website. I charge what the post office base charge is, however, I actually do get a pretty decent discount which isn't passed onto the buyer.

Since it appears OR is shipping to AUS from AUS though, I'd imagine they'd be subject to local laws just like I have to charge sales tax for sales that are shipped in state.

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Lamboomington621d ago

Not sure why you've got disagrees. The title is a clickbait title period. It paints an inaccurate picture.

It's getting kind of annoying, honestly, especially after the "Obscenely cheap" clickbait title.
n4g specialists don't actually read anything but the title ofcourse, so they now all think Oculus and Palmer have sold their souls to evil corporations and have shafted customers for money and power

DragonbornZ621d ago

Probably people who didn't read the article and/or who are upset about the price. Hell, I would be too if I had to pay that for shipping. And also maybe the "Crikey" lol.

"It paints and inaccurate picture"

But yeah that's exactly what I meant. When I read the headline I was like "whoa holy sh*t", then I read the article and I'm like come on now.
It's incredible how much spin they put in the title for clicks. Title makes Palmer flat out look like an asshole, when he didn't even...
Man its some messed up stuff.

Utalkin2me622d ago

Well it might not be what people wanna hear. But at least he was honest instead of BS'ing people.

SunnyZ622d ago

It cost me $120 to ship A WHOLE BLOODY FULL TOWER PC to freaking Pakistan from Australia.

That thing was massive and weighed like 15kg.

The Oculus is MAYBE a kilo...

How in the world would it cost $130 to send that tiny thing locally...

hellothere1977622d ago

lucky wants to add your balls to his billion dollar wall.

Morgue622d ago

Where's Don Mattrick when you need him??

GranTurismoFan622d ago

Im surprised i laughed at this comment haha that never happens lool