Dungeons and Dragons Online: Mod 8 detailed

Destructoid writes: "The biggest gripe for non-traditional players entering into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons Online is how daunting the rule system can be. The statistical frenzy of imaginary rolling dice and character creation has had a habit of turning those players off that may have otherwise enjoyed the diverse universe of DDO. Luckily, Turbine is actively attempting to fix that with their newest mod, 'Mod 8.'

Mod 8 has a combination of accessibility for newcomers and has rewards and challenges for those deeply rooted in the game. The goal of the expansion is to make picking up the game as painless as possible, while still showing the player the several layers of strategy and rules involved. I recently spoke to Kate Paiz, Senior Producer at Turbine about Mod 8 and also tried to get her to say that World of Warcraft sucks in comparison.

Hit the break to learn more about the upcoming mod to Dungeons and Dragons Online, as well as Paiz's integrity when it comes to talking about WoW."

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