Ten most controversial games in history

The ten most controversial games in history. From the past to the present with games like Death Race, Carmageddon, and Grand Theft Auto.

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Stickguy2593688d ago

Either this is in a language I don't understand, or I recently unlearned english...

Snake Raiser3688d ago

Who the $%@#%$ are the 10 people who approved this prank?

Timesplitter143688d ago

Well you've got the titles and the videos. It's not THAT bad

v1c1ous3688d ago

it sux but...u know...

SlyGuy3688d ago

it wasn't that bad. In fact I loved the 4 player!!!

Some of the fatalities were AWESOME!

Fade_Walker3688d ago

DAMN! I better get back to Mass Effect ;D

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The story is too old to be commented.