Top MMOs to Look Out For in 2016

MMOs had a great year in 2015, with WildStar doing MMO action combat fairly well, Skyforge adding a greater level of flexibility in specing your character class while Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns added some meaty endgame content and a big new area to one of the most successful new MMOs in recent memory.

2016 sees a new year for MMOs and there are plenty to keep your eye on over the coming months, from both indie and AAA developers so here is a compact list of some MMOs you should definitely look out for in 2016.

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Thefreeman0121015d ago

What a joke Everquest Next has become.After the don't selloff, the Community has gone quiet and many of the old faithful are no longer as interested

SwamiOnTheMountain1015d ago

Sometimes it's good to be under the radar and underestimated.