GameSpy: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Beta Hands-on

GameSpy writes: "The Red Alert universe is not exactly what you'd call a "serious" place. It's practically a comedy version of a classic "alternate universe" scenario in which a time-travel experiment gone horribly awry has altered 20th Century history rather dramatically. When Albert Einstein travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler, the lack of a Nazi Germany resulted in the Allies and the Soviets becoming the principle antagonists of World War II. An Allied victory results in many years of a "Cold War" that goes hot in the 1990s when a mind-controlled Soviet Premiere launches an assault on the United States led by bomb-dropping zeppelins and giant squid.

In Red Alert 3, the Soviet Union is on the verge of defeat and tries a last time-travel experiment to eliminate Einstein himself from the timeline. The result is a new history with the USSR resurgent against a weakened Alliance. New history means new and even more bizarre units as Russia's fighting bears and giant tanks face off against the Alliance's military-trained dolphins and time-traveling commandos. There's also a new opponent for Russia to deal with, Japan's Empire of the Rising Sun with its transforming robots and deadly psychic schoolgirls."

+Three different and fun-to-play sides
+Lots of visual comedy; solid strategic model

-Allies not as visually interesting as Russia or Japan
-Empire a bit micro-intensive
-Allied APC may be overpowered

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