Sony and Best Buy Kiosks in the Wild

You have probably traveled around and seen the Apple vending machines where you can buy iPods and accessories, but on Loot Ninja's recent travels to the twin cities, a.k.a. Minnesota, Loot Ninja came across two vending machines it had never seen before.

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taz80803693d ago

A pretty cool set of kiosks to buy stuff while you travel.

3692d ago
taz80803693d ago

Would have been cool to see more games but still pretty cool. they should make a game rental service for travelers as well.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3692d ago

Micro$oft's xBox 360 and Worse Buy Kiosks in the Wild!!! ;-D

eagle213693d ago

The article pointed that out as well. :)

jack who3693d ago

OMG!!!a vending machines no way....:|

King Me3693d ago

Don't you just want to break into one of those machines lol

facepalm3693d ago

Hmmmm... "Are you pondering, what I'm pondering Pinky??" ::smiles::

mfwahwah3692d ago

If only they were in a less conspicuous area. An airport... BAH, I'll never get away with it! Unless I fly a plane out of there.... TIME TO PLOT!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.