Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning + Louis Vuitton: Full Commercial and New Beautiful Image Released

In the past few days, DualShockers reported how Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has been chosen to appear in the advertisement campaign for Louis Vuitton’s “Series 4” spring-summer 2016 prêt-à-porter line with the blessing of Tetsuya Nomura himself.

Now Louis Vuitton has finally released the campaign, including the full commercial and a new glamor shot.

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DiscoKid925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

That's pretty much what Lightning is. Even in her games. A fashion statement.

Abriael925d ago

I know a lot of people that would disagree with that.

DiscoKid925d ago

I'm sure. I just can't help but to think that Square-Enix was whoring her, and I was pretty confident with my opinion after Lightning Returns and all those sultry outfits.

Abriael925d ago

Because fanservice is certainly something new in Lightning Returns, right?

Kalebninja925d ago

I dont like that people call that "fanservice" i sure didnt want that.

925d ago
ShinMaster925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Can we even consider this to be game related at this point?
This ain't even fanservice^

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TimelessDbz925d ago

I really hope they release a lighting collection for ps4 and xb1. FF13 series by far my favorite FF next to 14

Eiyuuou925d ago

The obvious question that follows is of course "Have you even played any other FF's?"

Army_of_Darkness924d ago

I thought he was being really...really... Sarcastic.

TimelessDbz924d ago

Played 7 and 10 . Didn't really enjoy it. Only payed it because of the hype at the time.

Zeixama925d ago

It fits perfectly. Both of them are overrated.

TricksterArrow925d ago

Urgh... People are so uptight and whiners. I remember when FFIX had a commercial for Coca-Cola and no one cared one bit...

DiscoKid924d ago

Only difference is I enjoyed that Coke commercial.

TricksterArrow924d ago

And other people will enjoy this one, sepcially in Japan. What's your point?

DiscoKid924d ago

My point is that people can whine about whatever they want. Doesn't change anything. Maybe people DID complain about FF9's Coke commercial. How do you know nobody cared?

TricksterArrow924d ago

So, I can call them on it as well. To each his own? I don't get it.

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