First in-game trailer Tomb Raider: Underworld

Eidos Interactive has just released the first in-game trailer of Tomb Raider: Underworld. This game is sheduled for Q4 2008.

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Silogon3749d ago

Horrible. I don't know what it is, maybe the cheese smack ass english accent, or just the production alone, but this game just screams B-movie event. Roger Cormen and John Waters would be right at home here.

"shakes head"

I gotta find a hammer and then use it to KILL A GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWD!!!

Drop it, or I'll drop you!!!!

Please... just stop.

PoSTedUP3749d ago

yea i dont like her accent at all. the game looks really good though and i am big fan of tombraider so i will be buying this day one for sure the gameplay looks sick.

Peppy la Moca3749d ago

how you can say you don't like "her" accent when it's a genuine British accent for a British character. You can say you don't like the British accent period but don't say you don't like her's. Btw i like the British accent therefore i like her accent...see how that works? it's called the transitive property.

Silogon3749d ago

Because I just don't. It sounds silly. It sounds like it is tacked on for appeal, that's why. As for the gameplay, we'll see. I didn't like the last TR game or the one before it or the one before it and so forth and so on. The graphics seem alright in the Ps3 and xbox 360 versions but still a bit off from Uncharted's I believe.

Lara, in the end, just isn't appealing to me anymore. She's going on over 10 years now and it's time to retire her. Make up someone new. Maybe her daughter... think about that Eidos. Oh, wait, that's right Lara should be a role model and shouldn't bare any children. remember that interview???

PoSTedUP3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

i dont like it the way it sounds, it sound like shes over doing it compared to angelena jolie. im not use to it and it sound funny for a tombraider gal therefor i dont like her accent ya hear? funny how people question an opinion like im wrong or something. yo i like the British accent but i dont like "hers". see how it all works now??

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Harry1903749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

good.(Even though I don't really like the plastic look of Lara's skin)

Transformer3749d ago

people still play tomb raider I have not played since the ps1.

Mr_Showtime13749d ago

The game certainly looks stunning, certainly gives Uncharted a run for it's money, I'm curious to find out if it game match up to uncharteds fantastic story and gameplay.

Hoping Naughty Dog has something even better looking in Germany this week.

themyk3749d ago

it looks good. and i hope the gameplay is good. i'm getting it because i love these kind of games.

but lets not get ahead of ourself here. it's nowhere near uncharted, graphically. i hope the shooting is as good as uncharted.

devilhunterx3749d ago

Character models are terrible...

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The story is too old to be commented.