Burnout download revs up analyst

Between the monthly NPD sales data and Electronic Arts' signing of two high-profile developers to new distribution agreements, yesterday was chock-full of gaming news. While those bits grabbed the most headlines, another of yesterday's EA announcements could prove to affect the industry even more.

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butterfinger3748d ago

with this article, but I find it ridiculous to imagine that GameStop wouldn't see this coming and adjust accordingly. I think most people believe that digital distribution will win out "in the long run" as they said, but for now the packaged goods retailers are safe. I can't wait to download my copy of Burnout Paradise. Since I traded mine into GameStop a month after launch, the new updates have me excited about Burnout again:)

MazzingerZ3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I don't know in the US but here in Sweden you are lucky if you find used copies of GT5P or Warhawk at EB games...either because of the games are really good or digital distribution has an impact, at least here, I have 100 MBps download so it takes longer to go to the store than downloading a game. within a couple of years everybody will have a good connection

thebudgetgamer3748d ago

but i love stacking all the games i have accumulated over the course of my 20 years of gaming into a house or other random buidings

f7897903748d ago

You could get more by selling it on ebay and you can spend that money anywhere.

MazzingerZ3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )


True but that's another topic, why people do it is beyond me, but the fact is that they do as otherwise the pre-owned game section wouldn't exist...probably kids that can't know how to sell over the internet or wealthy people that don't have to worry about money...I can find copies of the most recent games

I just feel people is like always, they don't talk about something until is happening and is a fact...they prefer to sound smart (saying today:"The Wii will be the top seller in this console gen") than take the risk of sounding like an idiot (3 years ago saying:"The Wii will be the top seller in this console gen")

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MazzingerZ3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

If people still think that the larger HDD for the X360 is introduced due to game installs, they are very wrong.

We are seeing the beginning of the end of Gamestop and similar...and even Gameflys...this is digital content that can be sold and rented, this is even environment friendly...GreenPeace will be very happy.

It will take time but it had to start one day, this is a reality, Warhawk, SOCOM, SIREN, WIpeout HD, GT5P are proof of that.

Retail copies will still be found for a while of course but in less quantities, the interesting here is that the PS3 has a BR player and upgradable HDD....within 2-3 years might be the most normal of the world to have your games in the HD and use the BR player to watch mostly movies so you won't overuse it doing both, games and movies...HDD size is not a problem, is cheap to upgrade.

Everything starts making sense all of the sudden. KUTARAGI IS A GENIUS.

Cajun Chicken3748d ago

Only see it happening for old games though, not new ones a lot of factories are going to be put out of business if not. Maybe released like the PSP games on PSN.

I love the fact that you can upgrade HDD's. I love the Blu-Ray with potential for bigger storage. I love the fact its free to play online. I love the fact that you get given rechargable controllers with USB to charge. I love the internet browser. I love the applications you can choose to use which are going to be released. I love the fact franchises are continuing as new ones co-exist.
Except the lack of games and lots of people shunning it, I love my PS3.
The PS3 is an underrated act of charity from Sony once you put down your payment for it.
I wonder what'll happen when this DD of Burnout when it hits the UK?

Harry1903748d ago

an article eh? I thought I would never see that day.

IzKyD13313748d ago

size isnt really that much of a problem....for the PS3 atleast, for a mere 50 bucks, you can upgrade your HDD to 120 (or if you get a good deal, maybe more)
what i hate about digital distribution is the horrible download took me over 25 minutes to download Qore, which was a little over 2 GB(i think, not sure)

pwnsause3748d ago

PSP2 will be the first console to go Download only even though it will have its UMD drive bay for Backwards compatibility, Mark My Words

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