Oculus Rift: Is the Price Too High?

The Critically Sane crew drop their thoughts on the Oculus Rift price reveal. Is it too high, or is it just the price of new technology? And more importantly, are they going to get it at that price point?

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Dlacy13g1069d ago

If you are a PC Gamer and have spent $500 to $1000 on a GPU then I would think the price is not too high. And if pre-orders are any judgement, it seems many are willing to bite that bullet.

Neonridr1069d ago

that being said, since there was no cost up front for the preorders, I would imagine there will be some cancellations before the actual ship date to avoid being actually charged for your preorder.

I understand it is high. My computer is more than capable enough to run VR. I am ready for it. I understand that the price is high, but I am willing to be one of the early adopters.

awi59511069d ago

I have never spent that much on a gpu to max games the most i have spent was 275 and that was overkill for games at 1080P. If your games are running at 100 fps in battlefield 4 or 250 fps like in bioshock infinite you can tone it back some and buy a better cpu or something.

Mikeyy1069d ago

The cost for early adoption is always steep a few years after the price will come way down and it'll have a chance at becoming main stream.

Definitely exciting stuff.