Xbox 360 demolishes PS3 in Japan - but is it for one week only?

Dave Parrack writes,

"I never thought I'd be able to write that headline, but it's happened: the Xbox 360 has demolished the PS3 in sales figures over the past week. The question now is how long the Microsoft console can continue this upward sales trend - is it going to be for one week only?"

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Elven63770d ago

Thats good news for Microsoft, I can see this going on for a week, unless word of mouth picks up on that game that launched.

King Me3770d ago

I think once the interest dies down on Tales,the sales will die down as well.

Genesis53770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Well regardless of what side of the table you're on. That is still a bit of an accomplisment for the 360 in Japan. Maybe Sony will see this and make some JRPG's. I hope.

rhood0223770d ago

Apparently these sites have short memories.

When Blue Dragon was released, it pushed over 30,000 xbox 360s beating the PS3. The 360 also beat the PS3 when Ace Combat was released.

In both cases, the numbers went back down the following week.

Granted, Blue Dragon was a new IP and the Tales series is more established and therefore could sustain sales for a time, but the fact is, the 360 outselling the PS3 in Japan HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.

mikeslemonade3770d ago

I give the 360 one more week. On the 3rd week PS3 will regain the weekly lead. Also these sales really don't matter both systems are selling low and it doesn't matter until a system can sell 60,000 units weekly and the 360 will never do that.

Sarick3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

The thing about sales people tend to forget that once a console is sold then it's already part of the install base. If you sale 950k in a week with 50k the second week, you still have an added install base of 1000k units.

I'm trying to say that if hardware sells are good or bad one month the overall success is measured by the combined total of the install base over a large time frame.

If you have a great install base to began with a minor slump or gain in sales won't effect the average that much unless a trend continues long term.

I'd like to save a comment bubble and add this little tidbit:>>

I hope Sony sees this 360 success and decides the JRPG fanbase is worth investing more future projects in.

Nigglet3770d ago

Although tales was the best selling game on japans amazon in recent days, infinite undiscovery has now taken the lead and is selling better than tales. Might just be people who bought 360 for tales are preordering it now. Also a game called clannad is doing really well and a rise in multi plat 360 games like soul caliber and gta4. This spike might stay a little higher for 2-3 weeks. And the ff13 announcement helps.

NextGen Exempt3770d ago

It will fluctuate depending on what each console has to offer to the Asian market. Microsoft has been hitting hard with JRPGS recently, which is great for them in the Asian marketplace. I'd expect 360 sales to slowly tail off, and then rise again when its time for Final Fantasy 13, or another JRPG on the 360.

gaffyh3770d ago

Demolished is a little strong, what the Wii is doing, now that's demolishing.

ExcelKnight3769d ago

You're forgetting Final Fantasy XIII is PS3 exclusive in Japan.

Even if it weren't, its sales would be primarily on the PS3 first. The reason has been stated above already.

FFXIII won't boost the 360 in Japan, but IU and TLR might. Now all Microsoft needs is the next Persona or Shin Megami Tensei and they'll be set.

TheTimeDoctor3769d ago

wii may dominate in sales, but thats about all it does.

ZeroXMD3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Dude you are dumb. Atlus WILL NEVER send persona or SMT to 360. That would be SUICIDE for them. Neither of those series came out in america until ps2, despite being PS and SNES titles. They won't go to 360 cause they won't sell. Atlus isn't money-hungry like SE and they know if they release them on the 360, it won't sell bc Atlus is more JRPG than square. U'd know if you played any of them, THEY TAKE PLACE IN TOKYO!!

Atlus will release the next SMT on ps3 because of the ps3's abilities. They don't want to gimp the next SMT by giving it to the 360 bc hell, Nocturne had what no other ps2 rpg had, a WORLD MAP (kinda). Saying SMT and PERSONA are going to 360 is like saying Sony is going to sell itself to MS, which would be the only way SMT would go there.

One more thing, 360 ppl need to stop wishing/saying every ps exclusive game is going multi or going 360 xclusive. the 360 has enough games for it so I'm getting sick of hearing that crap. People like you are the reason microsoft is actually starting to monopolize Gaming. Hell, you all prolly want it to happen. You appease a POS console (i'm sorry, anything that makes me worry that it is going to break every time I turn it on is a POS console) and make it alright to release faulty hardware, which will be all there will be when we give a Software company a monopoly on a hardware industry.

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Genesis53770d ago

No. I think thats diamonds.

beoulve3770d ago

it took forever, but won't last forever.

Bnet3433770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Actually no it didn't take forever. It was done before:

Don't accuse people of being fanboys when you are the true fanboy here

beoulve3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

took one year to outsell PS3 for a week. That's seem forever.

Owned with that weak comment? man you fanboy have low standard indeed.

CrazzyMan3770d ago

200 units is in STATISTICAL ERROR margin.
It`s on PAIR in best case.

This is FIRST time x360 really outsold PS3 in Japan.

XxZxX3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

I always love self-proclaimed owned. Over confident is the laughing stock for other people. don't know how you owned ppl with so much disagreement.

DeadIIIRed3770d ago

For a second there (about a week or two ago) I could have sworn you were beginning to like the PS3 when you said the Ps3 was becoming better than the 360.

On topic though, I can't believe that 360 owners get so excited over TEMPORARY sales spikes.

beoulve3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

LOL kingmal, edited his comment, he took the self-proclaimed 'owned' away after the embarassment.

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krakdol3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

It has 'demolished' nothing, it sold 20k, come on, are you so desperate to party with such crappy article ?

Boldy3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Hmmm... and yet you left no report on this story

Hypocrite much??

HDDVD_ftw3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

There are many differences :

1) NPD reports MONTHLY numbers in the US, which are much more meaningful than weekly numbers...

2) NPD deals with 200k+ sales, not crappy 10k sales in a summer week

3) before the NPD article, there were multiple lies from vgcrap approved. The NPD article proves vgchartz lied, so it did matter for that reason too

So yeah there are multiple differences. Only desperate MS fans can believe that 20k consoles sold are 'demolishing' anything.

Of course, any half good game can sell 20k consoles, achievement unlocked. Who thought it was not possible ?? 20k is horribly low...

360 is dead in Japan and will probably stay so. The only thing demolished there is MS reputation. We don't need lies and crappy articles on N4G...

Death3770d ago

You are right, anyone can sell 20,000 consoles in a week with a good game. I also agree the 360 can do much better than it has been the last year or so. I also see the PS3 is selling only 9,000 not long after MGS hit shelves which is the biggest release on the PS3 to date. The only one in Japan that is doing well is Nintendo on the hardware and software fronts.


JasonXE3770d ago

XxZxX: -10 ..sorry just wanted to join in.

dude_uk3770d ago

JasonXE = -Chuck Norris

you lose

XxZxX3770d ago

JasonXE: i went negative, you followed with negative X2...VERYYYYYYYYY CREATIVE THERE. If you want to join in, think of something else like dude_uk. man, how are you going to defend XBOX 360 with this kind of thinking. Just when I wonder XBOX 360 fanboy always get jab left and right in N4G.

mfwahwah3769d ago

I was expecting much better from the 360. I saw 25k and I'm like "??? that's too low, come one now!"

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King Me3770d ago

The Xbox 360 outsold the Ps3 for a week in Japan,you can't deny that.But demolished it?No.

krakdol3770d ago

yeah, they're so desperate these days, it's becoming funny... Give them a game, please.

Nathaniel_Drake3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

What I am interested in is the reliability factor and how the Japanese consumer is going to deal with, this was one of the major reasons for them not to buy a 360. But when a game like Tales comes along I guess it outweighs it, if indeed there is a RROD problems with these units will word of mouth spread faster for this problem.

Also if there isn't a problem the huge spike in sales can lift average sales up a bit, because now more market penetration means more people by word of mouth to alleviate the reputation the 360 has with the RROD

I don't know which one will happen, but obviously when the Tales fever dies down that when we will know

ReBurn3770d ago

Reports of Japanese anxiety over RROD are really only anecdotal considering there really aren't many reports, stories or articles about the subject. The main anxiety is attributed to Microsoft being an American company and Japanese loyalty to Japanese products. And even that is anecdotal because nobody really knows for sure.

Microsoft has dealt with the RROD issue sufficiently enough for people that really own 360's. The people who really continue to complain about the problem are people who would never buy one. There's no way to guarantee that something won't break, so offering to fix it for free if it breaks is the best anyone can do.

Zerodin3770d ago

The droids said that it couldn't be done!

krakdol3770d ago

Of course it can be done, even MS can sell 10k consoles with a game like Tale. But if you seriously think it's something to brag about, you must really be a desperate MS fan.

Even MS knows the 360 is dead in Japan...

rhood0223770d ago

umm..the 360 has outsold the PS3 in Japan TWICE before. When Blue Dragon and Ace Combat both came out.

Bnet3433770d ago

a dead console outsold the PS3 in japan. thats just sad

SmokingMonkey3770d ago

and look the PSP sold the most units in japan again! headlines for 360

morganfell3770d ago

360 gets Japan for a week and the PS3 gets the US for eternity. I'll take that trade.

theKiller3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

just look how happy u r with one week sales in japan!!! and imagine how happy we r to see the ps3 is raping the 360 from the @[email protected] every month!!!!!!!

now the bots putting words in our mouths!! did anyone ever heard of ps3 fans saying 360 will never outsell the ps3 in japan?? i never saw, but i did see the bots saying 360 will be always on top of the ps3, and that by the time while ps3 graphics improve the 360 graphics will also improve(yes we could see that in gays of gray 2)

does any body have the balls here to point out anything!! just anything the 360 is better than ps3???

ps3 have surpassed 360 in everything in june, the month of MGS4!!! with in-game XMB ps3 is perfect!!! all whats left now is the AAA games to come one after the other!! while 360 is getting ps2 ports of JRPG's and PC ports of shooters

waaa haaahhh heee huuuu

why so serious xbots??

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3770d ago

Is the guy saying 'Our House is insured for Fire damage yeah???'

Demolished??? ;-D If you say so!!! ;-D

juuken3770d ago

You're bragging over one week.
How sad your life must be. -.-

Tommy Vercetti3770d ago

letter to a PS3 fanboy
The fact that MS is outselling Sony in Japan is a HUGE deal. Make whatever excuses your [email protected] wants to (such as game launches, low inventory etc.) The truth is MS IS making progress in Japan. Last gen MS could not Give away more xbox consoles than Sony could sell PS2s. Things are looking up this gen. That's a fact. Finally what's with the talk of @ss rapings you little [email protected]? Have a bad experience?

morganfell3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Letter to Tommy "the dumbass" Vercetti,

360 sales have been in the toilet in Japan. You are just stupid enough to think 1 or 2 games with 1 or 2 weeks of sales will turn things around. Good luck making an omelet with those eggs you are counting. I hope you like the taste of air. What will be your excuse next week?

As for that stupid article, if a few thousand in sales = demolish, what do you call the results of the NPD figures yesterday? Obliteration?

The 360 had a week with a few thousand sales in Japan. You should be concerned that the PS3 is thumping the 360 worldwide. You should be concerned the PS3 has now taken over the US this year as well. Your outlook on a few sales in Japan is like a kid bragging about his backyard pool when his house is burning down. And the house that gates built is on fire and not in a good way either.

Let me paraphrase you. Make whatever excuses your dumbass wants but a few sales in Japan while getting slammed worldwide is like watching some guy flapping his arms while drowning and stating, "With that kind of power he could be another Michael Phelps."

Shane Kim3770d ago

hahaha morganfell is on a bot pwning spree :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii3770d ago

The PS3 along with the mighty MGS4 could only push the PS3 24k above the 360 in the US in July and less than 100k in June. 360 takes Japan, had EU for the past 3 months and has a price drop comming just around the corner. The Xbox sold 24m last gen, while the PS3 sold 140m, the fact that the Playstation brand with it's biggest game could only push 24k more is realy freaking sad. The fact that the Xbox brand has the lead at all is one HUGE accomplishment. With the 360 at 20+ million and the PS3 just reaching 14 million and it's biggest game only pushing 24k, sure is going to take a while for that PS3 to catch up. Funny Sony went from King to court jester in one gen. Lets not even talk about software sales, the 360 is so far out of the PS3 league it's like Tyson vs Screech from Saved By The Bell. Lets not forget EU, Sony land and how the 360 has been ahead there for the past 3-4 months. Face it Droids, instead of being leader, your just tugging along the back of the line, 24k at a time.

Only 24k on Judgment day, now thats freaking sad.

morganfell3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I can't help it Shane they make it so easy. Japan for a week? MF please. With the PS3 now owning the rest of the world and officially relased numbers backing that solidly (The UK was the final holdout last December w00t!)- and as I said those EA profit numbers by platform were a killer wakeup for all publishers - then it is pretty obvious the 360 is gasping it's final breath.

I actually think worldwide owners of 360s are even a lot lower than MS sales claims as there are plenty of people like me that had multiple 360s that died and I think MS counts those replacement 360s as sales numbers. EA's profit numbers are undeniable proof. Yes it is a great year to be a PS3 owners. Hell it is a great generation to be a PS3 owner! See you online!

AngryTypingGuy3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Morganfell, so that's why you're so bitter against MS, because you had some 360's fail on you. I can't really blame you, I'd be bitter too if it happened multiple times. So was the 360 your first choice, but you got so discouraged that now you can't stand it?

MS claiming sales for all of the 360 replacements? Maybe MS really does copy Sony. Didn't they do that with PS2? We'll never know since it's pure speculation.

You should just get one of the newer 360's so you can once again enjoy the best game library there is. You don't really want to be left in the dark when Gears of War 2 and Fable II comes out do you?

Tommy Vercetti3769d ago

You are a fanboy and a loser. Yes I know it is only one week and PS3 will probably recover next week but you are too stupid to see the big picture. Xbox should not be outselling Playstation in Japan no matter what. Last gen this would not have happened for a month, a week, a day or even an hour. What's changed? Answer that question you sad little PS3 cheerleader.

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