SFIV - First Videos of Akuma + Third Gameplay Video

Video 1 is the first gameplay footage from Street Fighter IV for the legendary character Akuma (aka Gouki). The second video is another video of Akuma, this time fighting Ken. The third video is a new gameplay video featuring Abel vs Guile.

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First Footage of Akuma:

Akuma vs Ken:

Second Gameplay Video: Abel vs Guile:
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VictorCreed3112d ago

YESSSS, this games gonna rock!

UnSelf3112d ago

wow i was just listening to the first videos BGM frm playin Super Puzzle Fighter HD just now

juuken3112d ago

...Lol, whoever was playing as Akuma got owned pretty badly. o.o
But I'm definitely getting this game!

SmokingMonkey3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

i think that was it?

Finally, i saw Akuma's level and have been wondering where the hell he was? I want Rolento, guy, ADON! They need to fill this SF with as many characters as possible, Alpha-III

SmokingMonkey3112d ago

it was FIERCE

FIERCE was the right answer....whoever had "fierce" as the answer please come up and collect your prize.

Serjikal_Strike3112d ago

Wow...Abel straight up put the smackdown to Akuma and Guile both! This is gonna be one hell of a button masher title!

Dissidia3112d ago

yeah Akuma got murdered lol
Abel might just be my new favorite character

Buju3112d ago

akuma was a cpu though lol

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The story is too old to be commented.