Is Gabe Newell the Best Marketer for EA?

Endsights writes:

"With the announcement of Epic Games and Grasshopper Manufacture joining the Electronic Arts Partners yesterday, Electronic Arts has the most impressive stable of video game developers ever melded together into one program or company.

But one EA Partner seems to be going the extra mile, perhaps not with the intention of adding to the amount of EA Partners–but it sure as hell is working in Electronic Arts' favor. That partner? Gabe Newell of Valve."

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Mao3749d ago

Than marketing them.

waznotwaz3748d ago

I haven't even bothered reading the article.He's a twat.Enough said.

LastDance3748d ago

some1 needs to staple a big box over that guy...

morganfell3749d ago

It depends on the product they want to market? Bratwurst anyone? Pepto Bismol?

boodybandit3749d ago

Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts.

Solid_Snake6663749d ago

lol..more like promoting Lard

IzKyD13313748d ago

i was thinking he star in the ad campaign "how mcdonalds could ruin your life"

arakouftaian3749d ago

Valve is a big dispoiment for me n many other they have to do a lot to win me n many others

cmrbe3749d ago

since EA i a multi pub and Gabe is PS fans number 1 public enemy.

thebudgetgamer3748d ago

he dumps on the console not me, but do you want a marketeer that's constantly dumping on a console that you make the most money from. he makes great games i can only hope he changes his mind on the subject but that will probably never heppen

beoulve3749d ago

this guy will be xbox 360 best marketing person if he didnt die from diabetes or heart attack.

Ghheeshh man, ever know what is exercise?

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The story is too old to be commented.