1UP: Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty Review

Review by Nick Suttner:

"Having played every other console Ratchet game, I'm well prepared -- and excited -- for whatever the series might throw at me. Even a bite-sized, $15 download-only epilogue to the excellent Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which is what we're getting with Quest for Booty. All of the familiar Ratchet hallmarks are here: sky-high production values, snappy all-ages dialogue, and pitch-perfect action platforming. For whatever it's worth, Booty looks and plays every bit like the retail game -- excepting its brevity, which will be most evident to fans of the series."

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King Me3748d ago

This is a day one for me!

sajj3163748d ago

still need to get TOD ... but day one as well

TheExecutive3748d ago

hmm... now i am torn between reviews. I guess I am going to have to what every decent gamer has to do... buy the game and find out for myself!

Mao3748d ago

Get here quicker! Then I'll have Ratchet and be only mere days (less than 1 week!) from Disgaea 3!!! WOOT!!!

BiggDaddy3113748d ago

How in the world can this game get a 7.4 when big turd $60 games like Conan, Army of Two, TimeShift etc. get better scores. From the other reviews and what this review hinted at was that the game is not geared more for the fans of the series? Which is exactly what they said at E3! They wanted to make an affordable play through for people not familiar with the series to get aquantied with. They are trying to take off points for what the developer told you to expect!! Get the BUTT outta here!

Cajun Chicken3748d ago

...Won't stop me buying it though!

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The story is too old to be commented.