IGN: Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Review

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty has been designed as a quick four-hour experience and it feels shortchanged because of it. Though its shooting and platforming sequences are fun and of high production, it still seems like there's something missing... and that's because there is.

Certain games are just meant to be big in scale and scope -- RPGs, 4X strategy ventures, sandbox games, and yes, Ratchet & Clank titles. Anything less ends up feeling rather incomplete. So, while Quest for Booty does provide a decent gameplay experience for a competitive price in addition to a very (very) cool twist on the already-mysterious Zoni kidnapping of Clank, fans need to keep themselves from expecting too much. Let the countdown to fall 2009 begin...

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TheExecutive3745d ago

Kinda disappointing but I can understand his complaints. I can also understand the 15 dollar price tag. It seems like a good review its just the game doesnt perform in its usual case.

Considering I was dumb enough to buy novastrike for 10 bucks this seems like a steal lol

Kami3745d ago

"So everyone is jerking off to Braid and Portal despite being extremely short but this game gets the shaft for being short? Fairness rules the world I see."

and i think is very true

RememberThe3573745d ago

But how much is this one going for?

ScottEFresh3745d ago

Going to have to pick this one up.

Mao3745d ago

It troubles me to even try and let comments like "something's missing" or "too short" sit well with me. Maybe it's the free 10/10's the Orange Box got last year for just value, or maybe the inflated scores for a horrible Lost Planet port this year to PS3 because of the price point.

I would have preferred a full Ratchet title, but Quest for Booty should be good fun. I'm looking forward to it next week!

BiggDaddy3113745d ago

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that they are being paid by MS to give poor scores to anything Sony publishes (MGS4 published by Konomi). I mean for a 15 dollar game with the most impressive graphics of any Arcade or PSN title ever... a 7.4!! Let's see so it is worst for the value than DARK SECTOR and ARMY of TWO, CONAN and TIMESHIFT!! Call me a conspiricy theorist all you want but IGN is nothing more than a XBOX fanboy site!!

Surfman3745d ago

not really, IGN are kinda the best for the reviews, without being bias. Which website would you trust now if you dont trust IGN? Gamespot, the big 360 fanboys? 1UP? They are worst. Gamedaily? ahaha. Eurogamer? ouch. GameTrailers? mega-ouch. IGN gave good scores generaly to the deserved games, like Uncharted (9.1) and MGS4 (10).

Trust IGN, they are the most repectful gaming website.

TOSgamer3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

between people that cover games and consumers. They are use to getting their games for free. So isn't it hard to judge a $60 game you got for free vs a $15 game you got for free? Free is free. Quest for Booty is 4 hours long. A regular Ratchet game is about 12 hours long. A consumer is getting 1/3 a normal game for 1/4 the price. But all the review sees is that its 4 hours long.

Shankle3745d ago

Official Playstation Magasine UK give the best reviews.

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