Witcher 3 Triumphant in GameSpot People's Choice GOTY Award

Open-world opus wins more votes than all other games combined; Strong results for Fallout 4, MGS5, Bloodborne, and Rocket League.

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Bansai621d ago

Couldn't agree more :)

Thunder_G0d_Bane621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

Well deserved indeed. I put fallout on hold went back to play Heart of Stone enjoying the hell out of that expansion I actually don't want it to end. Good thing there's another expansion coming!

kraenk12621d ago

Much deserved. Still not finished with the game due to time problems but I refuse to go on before I have seen all the quests :D

pandehz621d ago

Helluva game.

Not many games will be able to come at par with this in this gen.

aquaticDonut621d ago

"I don't like this game, so nobody else should either."