10 Reasons To Stay Loyal To Nintendo

GamesRadar writes: "How do you feel about Nintendo at the moment? Probably not too great, we'll wager. It's okay. We understand. All of us who witnessed that now legendary E3 press conference share a pain which bonds us as brothers for life.

But now that the tears have left our eyes and the screams have left our throats, we've had time to properly reflect on just how bad the future might be for the dedicated Nintendo fan. And we've found that things may not actually be so bad at all. Of course, it required a little creative thinking around the issue, and we're still certainly not satisfied with Nintendo's 2008 line-up, but there are most definitely still reasons to be cheerful.

Don't believe us? Read on. We'll get through this together, people."

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kesvalk3748d ago

Lol, yea, reggienator is a good reason...

gaffyh3747d ago

This is the worst list ever:

"#7. Wii MotionPlus could turn out to be really good" - You mean something that should have been included with the original WiiMote in the first place? The way they advertised Red Steel?

The only thing that actually is a reason on this list is MadWorld, but then again there is 1 reason not to stay loyal to Nintendo:

- More "games" like WiiMusic and WiiFit

PimpHandStrong3747d ago

i would buy them a Wii

just so they wouldnt bug me when im playing a real system!

but i dont have kids and i see no need for a Wii

ChickeyCantor3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Should have?
I don't remember Nintendo saying "1:1 precision".
Also the tech wasn't ready back then....unless you wanted a giant high power consuming add-on.

The hype of redsteel, Even Ubi said that the Wii-mote has a little delay when trying to mimmick 1:1 with the current hardware.
That's why they when for what they have now.
Those commercials were made to build hype, but no where did Nintendo promise 1:1 precision with every twist you made.
The Wii-mote is doing what it's suppose to do, respond to large movements...that's it.

ChickeyCantor3747d ago

I love it how people Disagree but never say something to counter the comments.

LastDance3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

alright sidar ill comment.

Ive played the wii twice..and thought the much touted controls were extremely unresponsive. I played all the wii sports games and fifa and i thought it was so ridiculous that i would do these motions and nothing would come of it.

Ps. im not a retard who cant move his limbs properly.

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cr33ping_death3748d ago

i really wish Nintendo made a console close to the capabilities of the PS3/360. i really wanted to see what Mario, Link, Samus, and all the Nintendo classics would have looked like with the power of a stronger console than the Wii.

Panthers3748d ago

It would have been nice, but I dont think there is room for 3 powerful systems.

I want Nintendo to get online right before anything. I would have gotten the Wii hands down for SSBB if online was done better and the controller was better. That would probably be the only game I got, but it would have been worth it.

Voiceofreason3747d ago

You kids can come up with excuses til the end of time. Fact is you would never support Nintendo so stop acting like you would if they had a more powerful console. I mean one of you is being so stupid you claim you would have bought 1 damn game if it had the power of ps3..So Nintendo should have competed with MS and Sony for what? 1 game sale? Yeah that makes a lot of sense.

cr33ping_death3747d ago

kids? i was a nintendo kid since the original NES. how old are you? make sure you know who the [email protected] youre talking to before you call people out.

Vicophine3748d ago

Nintendo = Fail
That picture = Win


Today Nintendo = poor
5 years ago Nintendo = average
10 years ago Nintendo = very good
15+ years ago Nintendo = awesome

Hope they dont lose their way like Sega.......

kevnb3748d ago

and this temporary but huge success will ensure they never get it back.

kevnb3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

sell your wii to the next sucker and move on to a better gaming platform. Most people think he wii is fun, until they own one and get bored.

Voiceofreason3747d ago

Yeah so how do you explain the FACT that is has the highest software sales then? Oh thats right you cant, its much easier to walk around with your head up your ass then to have an actual clue

FantasyStar3747d ago

Traded my 360 Halo 3 Edition for a Wii because I wanted something fresh, but I got bored in like 3-4 months because just about every motion-based action has the same kind of motions. After you've "waggled" for the 200th time, it gets boring.

ChickeyCantor3747d ago

But pressing buttons your whole gaming still so powerful refreshing?
Not trying to be an @ss here but really...that is getting old and its pretty much illogical to button pressing your whole life.

Games Are indeed selling on the Wii.
But because this community got tired fast of the Wii does not mean you guys represent the whole world.
when i say the people on this website are a "small" group of people, you know you cant deny that =).

vickers5003747d ago


It's not like you've taken a huge leap with your wii. All you have done, is gone from button pressing(gamecube) to button pressing with hand waving.

Testo3747d ago

If the Wii has great software sales it just shows that Nintendo is now ruining gaming for everyone else.

Why make a great game that costs 5 Mil to make when I can throw crap on the Wii and all of the parents will buy it up for their kids.

Now we can expect even worse games from EA.

Bubble Buddy3747d ago

kev is absolutely right. All my friends who wanted a Wii got a Wii, but they became bored in a few weeks to a few months. Wii is just like Beyblade, and all the other "WOW I GOT TO BUY THAT" stuff. One can argue it has decent games, but honestly, I am wanting more than the usual Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, though they are great games.

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