No Spore demo, but expansions planned

Spore executive producer Lucy Bradshaw has ruled out a demo for Maxis' upcoming "Sim Everything", but has confirmed plans for expansions.

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NMC20073748d ago

Expansions?! Wooooooooah! Mind BLOWN! You tellin me that there is gonna be a Will Wright game with EXPANSIONS!! Stop the Fn presses everyone! JFC, what they should have said is "No Spore Demo, 25 Expansions planned"

Spydiggity3748d ago

the content already exists, they are just gonna withhold it til after launch to squeeze more money out of us.

f7897903748d ago

What spydiggity said is true. I'm sure they have flying creatures and underwater cities but they are not going to put it in the original release. I'll give them my $50 for Spore but after that I'm just going to turn on Utorrent for anything else they release.