Jolt Preview: Star Trek Online

Jolt Writes:

"Cryptic Studios and Paramount Pictures believe the time is right for a Star Trek MMO; or the time is right to talk about it, at least. Piecing together the clues given at the recent Star Trek Convention, a planned launch in mid 2010 is our best guess. While that seems a long way off, there are lots of reasons to take note right now.

The City of Heroes developer's vision of Star Trek Online is not the same as that of the doomed Perpetual Entertainment from which the license was acquired, and only the concept art has been kept for inspiration purposes. Everything else is all-new, except for the core engine which will be an updated version of the one being used for Champions Online.

Star Trek Online, which seemingly has the full approval of that well-known gamer Leonard Nimoy, takes place in 2409, around 30 years after the events of the last Next Generation movie. In this extended universe, the TV series are being used as a reference point, with further novels and fiction being drawn upon for inspiration. According to Chief Creative Office Jack Emmert, each member of the team has research duties on top of development responsibilities. If nothing else, we're to believe that the license is now in safe, capable hands."

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