GameZone: KingsIsle's Director Talks Wizard101

The game infuses some of that delightful childlike innocence and joy that older gamers fondly remember from their youth, while at the same time melding in gameplay elements that appeal to those same gamers. It is challenging, maybe a bit of a grind, but takes card-game play, adds a dash of role-playing and presents it all in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The game is Wizard101, from KingsIsle Entertainment. It is an MMO currently in open beta. GameZone got a chance to play the game and before long, even the youngest member of the household was enthralled and leveling up a character or two.

Intrigued by the impetus behind the game, GZ got in touch with KingsIsle and had a chat with J. Todd Coleman, the director at KingsIsle Entertainment about the game.

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