Unveiling Infinite Undiscovery's Battle System

Square Enix's Xbox 360-exclusive console gets real-time fighting. Read about the details.

August 15, 2008 - Sometime in gaming history, an imaginary divide formed between Japanese RPGs (JRPG) and computer RPGs (CRPG). JRPGs became known for random encounter, turn-based battles, whereas RPGs typically developed for the PC by North American companies became known for a more real-time convention. Each developed its own following, as the former cherished the more strategic gameplay, while the latter embraced a more frenetic action-oriented experience.

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DA_SHREDDER3746d ago

The game really doesn't have good graphics. Also,, the combat is better then I thought it would be, I hate the Tales type of combat system, but everything gets clustered really quick, and alot of times you cant even see whats going on in the screen cause of all the spells and the action. They should have made this game with less main characters and it would have been good enough for me. I dont know if I should buy this or rent it.