No PS3 price cut at Leipzig

MCV: Platform holder rules out announcement from its 'blockbuster' promises

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SeanScythe3746d ago

why should they with LBP coming out and we know there is going to be a bundle with the system. Then with a Resistance 2 bundle shortly after.

socomnick3746d ago

Can they even afford to cut the price ? I know they are not making profits with the ps3.

juuken3746d ago

...*blinks* why are they currently outselling the competition? Does that not count as profit?

Think with your brain, not you mouth.

Sony is outselling the competition even without a pricecut. They'll use that pricecut when they're ready to use it.

*shakes her head and wonders why she even bothers explaining*

Statix3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I believe what Socomnick meant was that they are likely already selling each PS3 unit at below cost, and and further dropping the price could possibly affect their bottom line.

thebudgetgamer3746d ago

they are offsetting the loss on each ps3 with the profits they are making off the ps2. besides with the the the big games they have coming out that they can bundle at 4 to 500$ and they will fly of the shelves. i can see them dropping the price once the ps2 stops selling and if they drop it to around 300$ that would probably drive a bunch of the ps2 stragglers into the this gen

bluecapone3746d ago

ps3 doesnt need no price cut

PSWe603746d ago

if they introduced the PS3 slim. Haven't they created a hybrid cell processor recently? And Blu-Ray components are much smaller and cheaper. This is ofcourse just a guess

XxZxX3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

price cut on november, cant announce too early.

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