PS3 Attitude: Expectations for Leipzig 2008

From PS3 Attitude, CaptainPanda writes: "What has Sony got in store for us in Leipzig?

There have been intense rumours going about, especially after the less than stellar showing at E3 this year which gave us little news apart from MAG and a God of War 3 we already knew had to come. SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) themselves with David Reeves at the head have teased us further by promising "lots of announcements" at GC '08.

There are a few things that I expect, and some I don't expect but wish for..."

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marcellizot3747d ago

I think Sony's biggest announcements will probably concernt the PSP. It would be a sidestep but I think it would be a good move. The PSP is already doing well in Japan on the back of some great RPGs now, but those titles aren't as popular in Europe so Sony may look to other strategies to boost the console on the continent.

That's what I'm hoping for anyway, I'll be at the press conference so I can't wait!

DolphGB3747d ago

...but having said that, I still think that the majority of the announcements will be PS3-oriented.

I also think that GC 08 will focus more on games and non-game services, rather than hardware packs. I'm expecting to see some new IP announced from some currently established PS3 developers.

Whatever happens, it's going to be interesting...

Brodiesan3747d ago

I felt that E3 was a very balanced and controlled presentation from Sony. I'm hoping for some bombshells at GC. I want to see a Vagrant Story 2 announcement for the PS3 or an Uncharted 2 trailer - something completely unexpected. I'd probably lose my mind if I see Drake dishing out quips and blowing things up.

Considering the 360 outsold the PS3 2 to 1 in Japan this week due to Tales of Vesperia coming being released I'm also hoping that our friends in Japan receive some reassurances that their love of (J)RPGs will be rewarded on the PS3. Maybe a ToV release date? With added content?

PimpHandStrong3747d ago

yea i think we will see Uncharted 2 and Twisted Metal

along with MAG and God of War

im sure im missing a couple games and im sure there will be a couple games i didnt know about...The games i dont know about i think will be more PSP and PSN focused


I wonder what MS is going to show for the 360?

DolphGB3747d ago

Errrr... nothing!

Neither MS or Nintendo are there, leaving the floor open entirely to Sony to wow the crowds.

majiesto3747d ago

I'm looking forwad to this as well. With the mild disappointment that was E3, I hope that Sony wow's us with some excellent game announcements. A Team Ico announcement would be amazing as well as anything God of War III related.

CaptainPanda3747d ago

I am really hoping for an Uncharted 2 announcement, and I think it's a possibility. Just don´t want to get my hopes up :)

And yeah like DolphGB says, neither MS nor Nintendo will have a large presence at GC Leipzig.