Game Positive review: Final Fantasy IV

Game Positive reports:

''Square Enix's DS remake of Final Fantasy IV is a lesson in how to properly recreate a game. Offering enough new content to make it a worthwhile purchase, this new version for the most part reinvigorates a game that is almost two decades old. However, despite the fresh graphics and an enhanced version of a solid battle system, the overall package still feels antiquated.

The game follows Cecil, captain of the Red Wings, an airship force in service of the country of Baron. The story starts after Cecil has just finished retrieving a magic crystal on orders from the king. The mission turned bloody, and Cecil was forced to kill innocents who refused to defend themselves. Left morally vexed by the massacre, he winds up questioning the king's orders, resulting in his rank being stripped. With friend and rival Kain in tow, he is then sent on another mission. When that ends badly, he knows he cannot follow his king any longer.''

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