Atari Inc signs distribution deal with Empire Interactive writes: "US-based Atari Inc has announced it has entered into an exclusive multi-year distribution deal with Empire Interactive.

Under the terms of the deal, Atari Inc has secured distribution rights to a number of titles set to be released in North America in the coming 12 months. These currently include Animal Paradise and Unsolved Crimes for the Nintendo DS and Pipe Mania for the DS, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and PC planned for launch in September. Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams - also for the DS - is set to come out later in the year."

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Amadeo3748d ago

I'm excited to see what Atari can do in the future. It would be an amazing Cinderella story if they can come back out of the shadows.

Elven63748d ago

Thats good, it seems like Atari is back on stable ground again, now lets turn to Midway!