Major Nelson's Wife Loses Fable II Money

GameFocus: Our dear friend Major Nelson is currently in a state of panic...since his wife (let's call her Madam Nelson) lost most of his Fable II Pub Games money...

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Arsenic133744d ago

Are u serious? This was seriously posted? Wow.

socomnick3744d ago

its no less news worthy than the hip hop gamer stories.

xjxdoggystyyle3744d ago

dont like an article....why do u click on it to read it..then of all things...take the time to write about it and say... "is this news? why is this posted" there is tons of stories/news on this the ones u like or wanna read...if it has no interest to you move on come on here and complain...

FantasyStar3744d ago

I find his stuff more interesting than someone's wife that cheated at the game. WOW....

deeznuts3744d ago

Why you hating on hiphopgamer. He does his thing. This blog however, is pretty damn newsworthy'less.

leyego3744d ago

ahahahahaha what a loser
y the hell would u post something like this? truely funny stuff

xhairs93744d ago

You, are a noob. #1 I agree hiphopgamer does have good articles, but #2 you're wrong because his wife didn't cheat at the game, she just sucked and was using his account and lost all his gold. Learn 2 Read or Learn 2 Leave.

neonchez3744d ago

i clicked on it because the title is misleading. i thought "holy sh1t his wife lost the companies money. that's hilarious." alas, that was not the case. she lost fake money.


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Evil Rant Monkey3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

This guy is lame.

DaKid3744d ago

Holy crap, I am speechless right now. This makes me ill to my stomach. I am not upset that she lost his money, I am sick because how is this news?

But when it Rome... The other day I bought my girl friend a scratch off ticket, and she lost my dollar.

InMyOpinion3744d ago

At least it's readable.

Hiphopgamers Sony biased blogposts get approved all the time even though he can't write in proper english. I'm not saying this is good but it's grade A material compared to his crap.

Kyur4ThePain3744d ago

What the hell does this have to do with HHG?

InMyOpinion3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Explanation for Kyur4ThePain:

DaKid says "I am sick because how is this news?".

Jenzo says "If HHG is newsworthy, this is newsworthy".

Kyur4ThePain3744d ago

Get off your high horse. If that's all you were saying, I wouldn't have a problem with it.
But you just took the opportunity for a swipe at HHG.
What's wrong? Did someone that looks like him take your milk money?

DaKid3744d ago

I was just joking around, just trying to make a funny from a funny article

Gam713744d ago

Like sony fans use every opportunity to take a swipe at the 360.

Unless i don't completely get your point but it seems a bit on the blinkered side.

InMyOpinion3744d ago

I don't like his articles or his opinions and I think he's a lousy writer/speaker.

"Did someone that looks like him take your milk money?"

Yeah, it must have been that =) He's like 3 ft tall. Come up with something better next time.

ICUP3744d ago

"Like sony fans use every opportunity to take a swipe at the 360."

You make it sound like 360 fanboi doesn't do the same?

Gam713744d ago

True but the scale that ps3 fans do that on this site dwarfs the 360 lot who do, compare a ps3 thread to a 360 thread and see who's gets hijacked.
As this is a 360 thread they feel the need to come on here and troll so my comment has a place and is an accurate observation here whereas yours is ps3 fanboyism.

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Delta_FX3744d ago

Yep, this is news alright. :|

Who are the ten idiots who approved this?

pp3744d ago

I like news like this i'm glad it got approved. also i feel sorry for Major Nelson

Ali_The_Brit3744d ago

hey pp, did your mum agree to buy you this game then?

Highwayman3744d ago

What kind of off the wall, nonsense comment was that Ali? Seriously, bro get a life.

AIi_The_Brit3744d ago

No, its because he's a little 12 year old fanboy

TheAveragePs3User3744d ago

cuz teh powerfukl cell is so cheap its onlys 600 dollers for teh supre computer which pleys games only possible on teh ps3 liek haze,lair,FFXIII and Kingdom herts aqnd teh grand theft atuos!

KBDuB3744d ago

"No, its because he's a little 12 year old fanboy" Oh, the irony! So are you!

AIi_The_Brit3744d ago

i own both consoles, how can i be a fanboy?

check out my page for gamertag

KBDuB3744d ago

The comments about the console [that you supposedly own] make you a fanboy.

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